This is why Antisemitism Can't be Ignored


Who is going to tell us this story has two sides?


Thank you for posting Dustin. Anybody not recognizing reality is lying to themselves. These on going anti semitic demonstrations are producing these abject acts. We have no excuse as a society to not go at every single anti semitic POS. These anti semitic demonstrations have potentially dramatic effects for years to come. That is inexcusable.


No children should ever be beaten, regardless of race or religion.


Bold, glad you took a stance on this one

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Sadly, anti-Semitic attacks in NY and other areas were rising prior to 10/7. Now the anti-Semites are emboldened by what has happened on 10/7 and since.

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Congregation Brith Shalom inside the West Loop on Bellaire Blvd has a security car parked alongside the building all the time. That is a shame. WTF is wrong with people?

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My synagogue received a federal grant to upgrade security. We always have armed security whenever anybody is in the building (which isn’t every day).

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He nor anyone else I’ve seen has ever said otherwise.

The more things change . . .

Welcome back to 1934. :rage:

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When children need to be corrected by corporal punishment, it should be by a parent and within reasonable bounds. For a man to savagely beat a child, any child but especially one not his own, he should be incarcerated for a long time.

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In starting your post with this about corporal punishment, you inadvertently make it seem like this criminal was just trying to discipline the children. It is an inappropriate association that can give someone a false idea of what actually happened here. I don’t know why you felt that part of your opinion to be relevant, in this case.

Just to be clear, the article did not involve any “correction” of misbehavior by the Jewish children. This was a hate crime, in my opinion, and should be treated as such in discussion.


I think the title can be interpreted as “Jewish Children beat to death, therefore, anti-semitism must end now! However, all other children are free to be beaten”

I know that’s not your narrative or the article’s narrative, but no child should ever be brutally beaten by a grown adult no matter what the context. It’s a child without a fully developed brain and understanding of anything

This title also implies that all bouts of anti-semitism is equal (a peaceful protestor advocating for Palestine is somehow just as bad as a person who brutally attacks a Jewish child)

Strange interpretation, not sure how you got there. I think that your own personal POV heavily weighted your interpretation.

Again that’s your personal POV reading something into it that isn’t there.

What I should have said in the original post is “ignoring antisemitism (and any racism) emboldens people to do something like this.” Which would have explained the headline better than your wild interpretations.

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That would be a better title, but it doesn’t change my mind with the fact that I know what you trying to get across initially

Wasn’t necessarily giving my own personal interpretation, just that it could be interpreted that way if you look at it long enough by others

I don’t disagree with your post

“The NYPD said that there was an additional victim not recorded in the video. The police received a criminal complaint that they were investigating, about a bicyclist in the same area approached a man and his son who were also playing on the sidewalk.”

Was the man targeting Jewish kids?

I have a pretty good feeling, that you’re the only one who would interpret it that way after reading the posts in the thread up until yours.

While this might derail the original discussion, I also want to go back and comment on this.

You’re implying that I think a peaceful protestor advocating for Palestine is by its very nature anti-semetism. That couldn’t be further from the truth, I have no issue with that peaceful protestor. The protestor or protest only becomes anti-semetism when there is antisemitic language, slogans, tropes, etc. used, such as “from the river to the sea”, “final solution is the only solution”, etc.


I had a feeling you were going to say that and I was tempted to edit but too much time has lapsed

I should’ve used a different example especially given who I’m responding to

That said, there are 1 or 2 posters here who do feel all pro-Palestine protesters are by-default antisemitic

That being said, no children ever should be beaten. I think anyone would agree with that regardless of context, but you’re not wrong to use it as an example to raise awareness for antisemitism

I listened to this from npr last night. Fits well with this topic.