This is why Antisemitism Can't be Ignored

I know we have our disagreements, but this shop owner is downright mentally ill to do something like this



This is laughable but still concerning that people would believe and perpetuate this. It just adds to the antisemitic narrative.

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Need proof that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism?

Click on this twitter link, and watch this video from a NYC subway.

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This is a gifted article so you won’t have to worry about a paywall. Jewish leaders of the Brooklyn Museum had their homes vandalized.

More antisemitism in the guise of pro-palestinian.

Man those are hard to watch. But they must be seen.

I can :100:% guarantee he doesn’t speak for anyone but himself.

I’m no fan of Dershowitz but much of what he wrote in this column is about historical facts. Even if he’s not speaking for you, he did have some information that is of value (in my opinion).


They walk among us.

My one and only point is that I stopped reading at him speaking for anyone else but him. Not sure where he gets the credentials to speak “for the left” as the headline suggests.

Nothing more, nothing less


So then you probably got through about 80% of the article before you reached his opinion.

So I don’t like Dersh or even respect him these days. But the first part of his article isn’t wrong as it’s based in historical events. Or the Hamas charter, all those bolster his initial points. Then it just runs off into the conservative old man weeds, with Israel thrown in to maintain it’s relevance.


Exactly, that was opinion piece

The only thing I got is that no one should speak for others.

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There is clear anti semitism on the left but there is also clear anti semitism on the right.

The wellspring for anti semitism isn’t political ideology it is class envy. People hate the Jews because the Jews as a whole have been very successful.

Bernie Sanders isn’t anti-semitic.

It is envy over their success pure and simple. Has been for millennia. Asian Americans are now feeling the same class envy.

My advice is quit hating them and start emulating them. They aren’t genetically superior, they just focus on the right things that create wealth.

I think that’s a massive oversimplification of anti-Semitism. It’s part of it for sure, but if you waved a magic wand and put everyone in the same class there would still be anti-Semitism.

@HCNY could probably give an excellent history class on some the various strains, and how they’ve come together through time. He seems to have done serious research into this subject, above and beyond many of us.

I assumed he stopped at the headline. I agree it is ridiculous for someone to say this is what the left thinks or this is what the right thinks, in any sort of broad blanket statement.

But yes in that column he laid a lot of groundwork for his he came to his opinion…the groundwork was interesting to me.

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