This is why Houston is the greatest city on the planet

This might be more satellite material but it does emphasize why I love Houston and its great University.

Very cool people here.


Pratham honored Renu Khator in 2015.



I honestly believe that the University of Houston has the ‚Äúpotential‚ÄĚ to someday become the best public school in the state of Texas. Maybe not in our lifetimes but we are trending in that direction. An apathetic UH was fine to them but a focused, motivated UH has to be a BIG threat.

Why? Location! Location! Location!

UH sits in the city of Houston and the University of Texas knows that we have this advantage. We are the University OF Houston…soon to be the 3rd most populous city in the country, we have one of the biggest ports in the country, we have diversity that stretches way outside our state and country, we are regarded as an energy and medical capital, and our college has now started churning out successful and influential business people, politicians, etc Most of them stay in the city of Houston.

I fully expect the Third Ward to gentrify in a generation or two which will be another boom for our University. Imagine a City Center mixed use development on Scott Street.

We are on our way to becoming a UCLA type public University in Texas. Austin is growing but it is NOT the scale and importance of Houston…and UH is the school that is directly connected to Houston.




Houston is what America used to be, the place where anyone can succeed. Nobody cares where you came from, nobody cares about your ability to tan, nobody cares who your daddy is, nobody cares who you sleep with or how you pray. Everyone gets a shot here.

Houston is awesome.


Don’t forget this…


Also, tacos.


Our medical school needs a namesake; of course for the right price!!!


We are a city of engineers and practical solutions. If we can bring that engineering skills to bear to fix our flooding problem, we are the next mega city on the world stage with our university as one of its crown jewels.

I read an article last week in the Times about crop failures in Central America and populations are on the move. I think they are coming north. You can debate immigration all day long but Houston has always been a destination city for immigrants. I could see the Houston MSA swelling to over 10 million in 15 years.

Populations are stagnant to shrinking in the midwest. Hello Big 10.

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Wait ‚Äėtil we legalize cannabis! :smiling_imp:


Not trying to be a wiseguy, but can you caption this? Not sure of the point you’re trying to make. Driving North on I-45 towards downtown Houston?

Palm Trees.