This one is too good to pass up

Kirk Bohls is reporting that parking tickets are being issued out around the capitol and campus (apparently) to certain horn media … like they were going out of style.


Bohls believes Its the only way the university has to raise the $$10$$ million payout to Charlie Tuna when he gets shown the exit at the end of the season.

The 40 acres is on a TIGHT budget as not even the LHN will help keep it barely in the balance.

Meanwhile Charlie has taken over the defense and will call the formations as he has demoted several def. assistants already.

I can’t imagine our beat writer openly commenting/joking about raising money to buy out and fire a coach.

Trash program from top to bottom. For anyone that goes there, be warned. Something about the grass not always being greener…

Charlie Strong if he doesn’t go 8 - 4 or better will set the record as having had the worst won-loss record for a HC in horn history and adding alcohol to the wound … getting $8.3 million/season to boot for the privilege to do so.

Lil wonder the orangebloods patooties are turning red from burnt orange.

We wouldn’t need the beat writer to do it. The entire rest of the paper would come alive with glee to write that story.

Saw Bohls’s comment and laughed. Bohls has a sense of humor on him, I’ll give him that.

I think it was Wolken’s article that said that Strong has a ton of support in the administration. I think he’s got a longer leash than what the boosters and the info leakers are letting on. UT gets 8 wins this year, I think they’ll give him another year.

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