This Team's level of play is astounding

It is amazing what Sampson has done with this team. Whether its graduation, NBA draft, transfers, or injuries, the University of Houston basketball team has new faces all the time. But it keeps on winning, game after game, month after month, year after year. He built a culture based on hard work, rebounding and defense. No matter the name on the back of the jersey, if you do those three things, the team will win. It sounds simple enough, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the Coogs are going to do BUT getting 12 guys every year to do it, is fairly difficult.

Sampson deserves coach of the year (at this point) and in my opinion he is the very best in the business. No team plays as hard as this team does. Based on Carlton’s performance this year, Houston has to be the preferred destination for transfers. He is not even the same player as he was, heck he isn’t in the same universe as he was. He is gone from a bunch of DNPs to being a legitimate NBA draft pick. All based on Sampson’s culture.

Sampson’s philosophy is being adopted by the football team and hopefully by the baseball team. Pitching, defense and hustle would be a nice addition to the baseball team, but I digress, back to Sampson.

This is the golden age.


The only way to describe it is that they flat out get after it. I appreciate it too.


Our home winning streak is 36 games. The record is 129 held by Kentucky (1943-1955). Lets get the record boys!!!


Here’s an article about this very subject.

I am loving this team right now. In fact I have to calm myself down about this team.


The chemistry is aggressive.

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A home winning streak is something to know and savor, not to talk about. It’s okay to say things like ‘The FC is a tough place for visitors’ or ‘we’re pretty good at home’. How many times have you heard tv or radio announcers talking about a streak and it ends? Same reason no one talks about a no hitter while it is happening.

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Are you kidding me? How many times did announcers talk about UCLA’s streak back in the day. Shoot, it just adds to the mystique.

I think we have the 3rd longest active streak behind Gonzaga and someone else.