Thoughts on Dana Holgerson

he was successful here, he has done well at WV, and that is a tuff place to recruit top talent to.
he has seen the other side of the fence as a p5 coach. if he is wants to come back here, then he may prove to be the long term stability that coog nation needs…he won’t be looking for greener p5 pastures, he has been there done that and ready to,leave it behind for a easy place to recruit top talent, a supportive administration and community…if we could keep orlando that would make us quite formidable .

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I’d love to see him here, but I think he’s a pipe dream. Probably just using us to get more money out of his current job.

Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

Holgorsen would be a home run hire. Possible he brings in Spavital with him for recruiting. If we could somehow convince Orlando to stay with him, we’d be in great shape.

I too like Holgorsen a great deal but again he has not produced on the defensive side. I can’t see Orlando staying in that scenario.

Orlando is good. Dana’s current DC at West Virginia might be better.

I would take Dana in a heartbeat. His brother is an assistant high school coach in the area, and I think he would be a good fit. Despite the heartbreak of these past few days, it would be quite a coup if UH could shock the college football world and poach a coach from a school in a P5 conference.

We appear to have a strong group of candidates and i am happy when Fertitta says that getting a sitting HC is a top priority…Leach, Holgorsen, Montgomery, Leavitt…pretty strong group of coaches with HC experience…

But are we willing to put a new style defense and a new offense?
We have a defense that knows Orlando’s system. That is a huge positive for us. Many programs lose their Coach and start all over again. I do think that he deserves a chance.
It is not and never easy to start from scratch on either side. What I want to know is why we can stop an OU or Louisville offense but can’t stop a Tulsa/SMU offense? We have huge issues at corner. Orlando will fix it. That is what I would like to find out from Orlando.

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Look at WVU’s defense this year. They’re doing pretty respectable. It was a rough transition from the Big East to Big 12, but he’s doing more on defense (and in the run game) than most realize.

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It seems a lot of you don’t know how much Dana has evolved as a coach over the past several years.

He doesn’t run anything close to the UH Air Raid. And his defenses have been quite good.

I am sure he has evolved just fine. I just question a p5 coach moving to a G5 program.

CoachV, who is close friends with Dana’s WR coach, has been saying for weeks that Dana was interested in UH if our job came open.

Now, WVa could make him an offer he can’t refuse. Nothing is set in stone.

Holgerson would be an excellent choice …

If he has thrown his hat in the ring and shown some interest … GREAT … but

I can’t see him leaving a P5 school even if it is in one of the poorer states in the union and out in the boondocks from the rest of the BXII.

I suspect this is just another whistling in the wind … hoping for the best … lets pick on the susceptible HCs who are great but may have issues with their current abode.

You’re questioning a label conjured up by ESPN. Herman became the hottest commodity in coaching after no more than 1 season at OUR program.

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I am not sure I would say he’s done well. No conference championships, highest he’s placed is tied for 5th in the Big 12, and his record has been pretty mediocre. Not sure why folks are so high on him, true he’s having a good season this year, but got trounced by Oklahoma. I don’t see how this is a home run hire based on what he’s done in the P5. Plus he used us to step-stone. Seems folks let nostalgia trump reality sometimes.

2012 West Virginia 7–6 4–5 T–5th L Pinstripe
2013 West Virginia 4–8 2–7 T–7th
2014 West Virginia 7–6 5–4 T–4th L Liberty
2015 West Virginia 8–5 4–5 T–5th W Cactus
2016 West Virginia 9–2 6–2

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Agree with Portland that he’s not Vince Lombardi, but his trend line is good, and Lawdog’s right. He likes to run the ball and play good defense. And ANY program not in a P5 taking a successful head coach (#14 and probably headed for Russell Athletic) from a P5 is going to be considered a coup by the media.

I hear his DC Gibson would likely remain at WV, and Orlando would surely join Herman if he’s not named head coach. Holgerson might get Jake Spavital to come as OC. That would ensure Kyle Allen wouldn’t go anywhere. Carrier would be WR coach, and Wickline may come as OL/co-OC along with a few others from WV. But there would possibly be coaches with UH ties and recently at Texas looking for jobs, including Sterlin Gilbert, Matt Mattox, Brick Haley, Clay Jennings (all four have been at UH), and others, maybe David Gibbs and Zac Spavital as well as a HS coach from a local power like North Shore or Manvel or Katy or perhaps Allen Aldridge at Bush. I could see Holgerson assembling a more impressive staff than Herman had as long as he only brought a few with him from WV. But we’ll have to see how realistic Holgerson is. I’m hearing there’s genuine mutual interest, but LSU was hearing the same thing just a few days ago.

Not necessarily a bad hire, but still, we can’t afford to go 6-6. Or most fans will be like Pearland and go to the movies instead of games.

I don’t think Holgerson would go 6-6 in the AAC. He’s #14 in the Big 12 and destroyed Clemson in the Orange Bowl a few years ago. He’s won 7 then 8 now 9, possibly 11, playing in a P5. And if he could assemble that kind of staff, watch out. We all have favorites, but no one is a sure thing; however, I suppose a P5 coach with a 45-30 (possibly 47-30 after the season) record and a BCS conference championship is as close as UH could get.



OK… CDH got rid of some dead weight in the OC and the Oline coach. He didn’t do that without reason. If he keeps ‘4 & 20’ Belk he better put an offense out there that can do something besides 3rd and long. I dread the Big 12 from a competitive standpoint if UH can’t improve on both sides of the ball.