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2017 recruit

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That’s encouraging.

Very encouraging…first time he’s tweeted about Houston since the coaching change.

8 months until next season. I’m hopeful.


Here is what we need:

  1. Support from administration - check
  2. Continuity in our coaching staff - buyout will help with this
  3. Top 65 recruiting classes every year - 2014 and 2015 were bad classes. 2016 and 2017 are where they should be.

We are moving in the right direction.


At the end of the day it was a bowl game with a patched up staff. There was too much chaos with the early bowl for us to really put a game plan in. The offense just wasn’t making plays and the defense didn’t look motivated in the 2nd half (probably because Orlando didn’t care that much). Nothing to really get down about.

Looking forward to the QB battle and probably seeing Allen. The Oline can’t get any worse, interested to see what coach we hire. The only concern I have on defense is the LB crew, but I think we will be good. Let’s get our new coordinators in and close this recruiting class.

Also guys don’t forge about basketball this football offseason, pretty solid team. They will win a lot of games at home and will always play hard.


Keep convincing yourselves everything is fine

Not a good way to end the year, but there was chaos at the end. Let’s face it, it affected us a alumni and fans, it had to affect the players. Two full time coaches, both competing for the same head coaching position. Then a starting WR is sent home! Time to move on. Do we need a recruit to tell us he’s looking forward to next year?

I’ve nothing but excellent reviews from UT friends and acquaintances about CMA. So let’s at least give him a chance to put a staff together and try to hold on to our class of recruits. If one game is all it takes to turn someone on or off, then let’s hope the OU and Louisville wins were exciting enough to hold our class.

I felt badly for Greg Ward Jr. He gave us his all during his career at UH. What a warrior. It looked like he may have injured his left arm today. He was carrying the arm very low in the 4Q.

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This coming from the guy who was Dana Dimel’s biggest fan.

I’m taking a screen shot for prosperity. Back in the old Coogfans days it was more difficult to save these kinds of things. Coach V really loved his boy Dana Dimel. The old timers around here don’t forget.

Applewhite has coached one game. A bowl game with a skeleton crew, patchwork coaching staff made up of mostly graduate assistants and Coach V is already proclaiming Doom & Gloom.

I’m sensing a case of “butt hurt” over not getting the head coach that he wanted. Maybe Coach V wanted Les Miles, even though no one else in the country seemed to want him. Most likely Coach V wanted us to bring Dimel back.

Whatever the case, support the university. If you don’t have something positive to say them shut up. At least do the current staff a favor and shut up for the next month so they can recruit without interference FROM OUR OWN FANBASE.


My arguement which I stand by that had Dimel been given another year we would get 8 wins. Nealy with Shirmer and Battle with a solid OLine we were ready for the turnaround. Peveto said it best “we better win bc if they get rid of us the next guy will look like a genius”.

I still stand by it. Maggard’s biggest issue was Dimel’s contract.

So, if we gave him another year and he got 8 wins, Dimel’s record would have been 16-31. We demanded more, that’s why he was gone. We did the right thing with Dimel and all those predicting doom for Applewhite based on this one game most likely made their mind up before this game ever was played. We have over 200 days until the next season when we will see what Applewhite can really do as a head coach.

Whoopty freakin doo. 8 WINS.

You’re already coming in here with your cynical attitude of “keep convincing yourselves everything is fine.”

You want people to give up on the Coogs because we lost A single game. They lost one game. Staff had been gutted, skeleton crew with GAs up in the box, and we’re supposed to GRADE Applewhite’s entire coaching career on one game. HE HASN’T EVEN ASSEMBLED HIS OWN STAFF. Give the man a chance.

Dimel handed UH the first 0’fer season in UH history. That’s right 0-11. Not one freakin’ win. So excuse me if I take your “expertise” on coaching with a grain of salt.


It is absolutely absurd to make any kind of judgment or speculation on M.A. based on one game. Not to mention one game where he had most coaches gone, very few practices, a crazy situation with the former clown head coach leaving, and a number of other issues that aren’t even worth mentioning. This game should not even really count as his true first game. His first true game is the opener next season and we will win. M.A. will do a great job.


I’m still waiting to see who we hire as staff before I start to worry. The only thing this game told me is that people that defended Applewhite’s 3rd n 1 quick run up the middle play throughout the year as Herman’s offense, were wrong. Ironically it gives me hope that a new coordinator will value over powering the defense on 2nd and short. 3rd and short over the hurried 5 lineman, no additional blocking, over the middle plays.

I think you just had a thing for his sister-in-law…:grinning:

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I believe Major was the right hire. However, I will reserve final judgement until coordinators and position coaches are hired. This game was always Going to be difficult with a full staff or not, and although I wasn’t enamored with the playcalling, Ward was awful yesterday. I love what he has done for UH, but that was his worst game for UH… hands down.

It reminded me of the AFBowl against Air Force when Case was disastrous. Doesnt change how I feel about how good those QBs are, but Ward picked a bad day to make terrible decisions.

Edit: Oh, and I do blame Allen a lot. A couple of those foul ups were on receivers not holding their damn blocks. Allen is a fantastic blocker, and he wasn’t out there and it doesn’t matter what his reason was for missing curfew. I am thinking of the pick6 in particular.