Throwback Thursday: 2007 Houston at Alabama

Before Bama was Bama, before Nick Saban was the greatest coach in college football history, before Art Briles resurrected Baylor, before HD television quality, Houston met the Tide in Tuscaloosa. Let’s go back there and enjoy a little standard definition college football from way back in 2007.

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Briles started the wrong QB. Smh

That was the hottest football game I have ever attended. Multiple fans were removed via ambulance. We spent most of the game in the shaded concourse area.

Blake played pretty well, but case lit the spark and AA got loose on runs to make the game close.

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I don’t remember it being any hotter than the 102° at Rice; but I do remember ber really hot. But, I was so excited about how we were playing when Case came in, I ignored the heat.

This is one of those games where you can say if Case came in sooner or if we had a little bit more time on the clock we could have pulled out the victory.