Ticketing issues entering TDECU

I subscribe to a sports marketing email newsletter and came across the following (not sure if it relates to what happened Saturday as I’m not sure what digital ticketing service they use),

“Though there are many benefits to digital ticketing, the downside was put on full display during last week’s second Saturday of college football. Paciolan, the main technology company responsible for the systems that schools use to manage their digital ticketing, had a massive outage right when many schools were getting ready for kickoffs. This led to swaths of fans unable to enter stadiums and forced StubHub to suspend the selling of tickets on one of their busiest days of the year. Paciolan works with 125 schools and over 75% of the Power Five schools, according to their website, so not many schools were spared during this unprecedented outage. Multiple reports had the issues ending at around 4:30 p.m. EDT, which is long after a number of games had ended. While digital ticketing can be convenient, it also makes the ticketholder reliant on a third party.”

Gotta love technology eh?


Don’t they have to scan paper tickets also?

That was for week two, which was the Texas Tech game. Not sure what the deal was on Saturday.

And who is Paciolan owned by?



They don’t have to, but the current system does. We had tickets long before scanners and things went well. They could still just take the tickets and tear them in half like the old days.


I requested paper tickets for BB, it’s not too late.

Do y’all know if I can bring in a large yeti cup for my beer into the stadium?

I’d like to pour my beer into the cup to get rid of some of the gas and not get so bloated.

We have paper as we requested, and they were scanned. We were apologetic for being so old school, but the attended wasn’t having it. She said “oh no, I’m SO glad, these are so much easier.” We had no idea about all of the issues until a day or so later. Call me “old” born in 77, but I like paper.


Lol, i was born in 62, i like the electronic tickets. The readers can have many issues they need connectivity to the ticket system, glare can cause them to fail. The only issue i had was saving to my phone. I changed to incognito mode then it worked.

I saw a couple brought theirs in, they just opened the lids to show them that they’re empty.

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Never had a problem at FC. Worked smooth every time. Same at TDECU. Most of the issues were with student tickets.

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Yes bc mine are paper

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Yes, Paciolan is who we use.

My wife and I walked right in without getting scanned… there was a entrance area that was left unattended and people were just walking thru to avoid getting soaked ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I went in about 35 minutes before kickoff. Only waited about 5 minutes.


Call me old school, but if given a choice, I prefer paper tickets. Why? If your phone battery dies or if the ticket scanning system brakes down, you’re either not getting in or getting in after a frustrating delay. With a paper ticket, I get in with no hassle. Same strategy I use for air travel.

I still use mobile ticketing, but I make sure I have a paper ticket as a backup plan.


Also, I like to have the souvenirs. I would write the final score on the back with a permanent marker and store them away.

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