Tickets arrived yesterday! Quick question

Like all of us I was excited when I saw UPS pull up to deliver my season tickets.

The question I have is was there a notification that we were going back to tickets versus the cards?

Don’t get me wrong I like to have the tickets for memorabilia and I’m old school like that, but the cards sure did have some upside as well. The only downside to a ticket, because I’m OCD, is people not being able to tear along a perforation even when you have folded it several times to make it easier. Sorry for the side rant.

I think they goofed on some people’s tickets, look at your confirmation email for the tickets, it should say whether you selected the card or tickets.

Mine said season ticket card but I received the tickets, the football Twitter account told me to call them.

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Thanks!!! Mine said ticket card as well. Maybe I can get the card in time so I can save these.

Same here. I requested a card, but received paper tickets. Did y’all upgrade or move seats? I did, so I am thinking that is where the mix up occurred.

Nope, I didn’t do an upgrade or move seats. I am in the same seats since the opening of the stadium, so not sure what happened.

Now I am wondering if anyone received the ticket card? Maybe there was an issue / delay there and they opted for game tickets to get them out the door?

I am on hold right now to talk to someone in the ticket office, I will find that out hopefully shortly.

Ok… So I talked Jake Martin with the ticket office and he told me that it was marked down that I wanted paper tickets versus the card. I informed him that I didn’t and that several others online had said the same thing. He said he would talk to the higher ups to see if there was some glitch in the system.

Furthermore, the rough estimation he gave me of paper tickets to the card was 70/30. That it was overwhelmingly paper tickets and many there in the ticket office thought it was strange. Unfortunately because they get the tickets from a third party you won’t be able to get anything other than what you have. He said they will look to see what they can do to make sure there are no future errors etc.

On a side note, I made the recommendation that if they do cards they do one sheet of home tickets as a collector’s item/memorabilia (they will not be functional at all). That way you can have the durability and functionality of the card but for those who like to have the paper ticket for memory sake can have it without it being damaged, etc. He really liked the idea and said that he would pass that on and hopefully make more options for the fans. For those who like this idea, you could re-emphasize the idea so that they do make it an option.


What is the cost difference?

I assume you mean the cost of making the paper tickets versus making the cards…That unfortunately I did not ask.

There seem to be a lot of us who wanted cards and got tickets. I had a friend texting me about it yesterday.

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Everyone I talk to says they wanted the cards. I am sure there are some that wanted tickets but I have yet to speak anyone who did. If approximately 70% of the people received paper tickets, that is a little over 11,000 out of the 16,000. That just doesn’t sound right in this day and age.

Sounds like it may have categorized the checked boxes wrong.

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Agree. Also, not sure if this happened to anyone else, I did the three month payment plan and there was some error so I ended up having to pay the lump sum at once. No big deal but it’s nice to budget.

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I got the same answer as above. Although my selection was card, they can’t do anything about it. They said me buying a extea seat may have cause it, but the ticket was bought and paid for on the same receipt I got on my email.

Typical UH ticket office.

Not sure if you saw above but I didn’t change a single thing on my season tickets and it happened. I think Imago13 is right and they categorized the check boxes wrong.

I don’t even recall seeing the option for card or ticket. I kinda prefer having a ticket tho.

Just got my tickets as well and they are paper. I am disappointed in our admin. I bet my tickets look just like our high school football tickets.

This thread should be titled first world problems. We got our tickets,most of us on time, why the fuss?

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For me it is a lack of communication issue. Plus, the expectation was last year we got cards and now we are getting paper.
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