Tickets available for purchase

I just went to the UH ticket website and there are not a lot of tickets for sale. I’m guessing that a TON of tickets were given away for the relief drive. If we take all the unsold tickets and give them out for free, would it be considered a sell out game even though 10K will be there if its raining?


Probably this.

TSU will be bringing a decent crowd as they got the discount code for the game. Texas High School Coaches also are getting free entry. There’s also a huge campus party supposed to happen after the game with students from both campuses attending; been seeing a ton of advertising from the students in regards to that. Supposedly, TSU may also be making a push to get an on-campus stadium and they are using this game to show that they will show up if the games are closer to campus (instead of BBVA).

Honestly, if the crowd is 30K+ for this one, we should just lock them in for next year in that open spot we currently have. It’ll more than likely be an FCS anyway and I’d rather the school make money instead of scheduling someone like Tennessee Tech.


No, sorry. Playing TSU at football is not the way forward.

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Agreed. I understand the reason behind this reciprocal agreement with TSU but for anyone not familiar with that story it appears that we either couldn’t get The Little Sisters of the Poor to play us or that we consider TSU to be our rival. Of course at least one of those is not true.