Tickets for Thursday?

Ordered tickets Sunday through e-mail for Cougar Pride. Has anyone who did the same received tickets yet? I think it was $150 for Thursday and $150 for Saturday.

Got mine ordered and have a confirmation # but haven’t seen any tickets as of 4:05

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I got the email that said the school had run out of tickets. There are plenty available from ticket sales web sites, but they are expensive.

They sent another mail saying they received more. Not the same quality of the first batch but you should be around other Coogs and will avoid the huge mark ups.

Vivid Seats seems to have reasonable prices for 2nd level.

I guess I don’t understand why the first email didn’t state this… I immediately went and bought tix on the secondary market when I received the first email saying I didn’t get selected for the initial ticket offering.

I have to assume they were not aware they would get more. If you are in charge of the ticket allocation and you are not sure you can secure more, do you:

  1. Mention UH is working to secure more and possibly delay UH fans from hitting the reseller market and miss ticket opportunities


  1. Not mention it in case it falls through and no additional tickets are secured?

If they knew all along they could get more, then it was a big miscalculation to think interested parties would just say “oh well” and not pursue other avenues. This is why I think it must not have been confirmed at 5 PM yesterday.

If I get tickets now, I am not excited about sitting in the upper level but I didn’t like the mark ups I was seeing for better seats.

I found a decent deal for sec 103 and jumped on it… Still was $240 per ticket after all fees… Not too bad for UH in the Sweet 16 in my book.

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