Anyone know how the ticketing works (if there’s an official way to get tickets through the school)? And what sections will be Houston’s?

Will be coming out from NYC but not an alumni

This is the email I got:

Tickets are $300 each for All Sessions (includes UNC-Auburn game, our game, and the Elite 8 game Sunday)

Link to ticketing site: Activate Cookies

Awesome, thanks for the details Patrick.

Anyone who was selected know what sections these will be in? Want to make sure I get in/near a Houston selection if I have to purchase tickets on the secondary market.

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wonder why i am not getting ticket emails, i am a season ticket holder??


How many tickets did they give us this time? More than 400 I assume

If you are not receiving ticket emails contact Cougar Pride.

It seems to me (when trying to purchase) they are $600 ($300 per day)? Anyone seeing the same thing?

I only saw $300/ticket, but I just received notice that they’ll give me upper level seats at $250/strip, which might actually be higher than the resale market depending on the section.

I just received the same email. I bought through the school to support them, but it looks like I’d come out better if I had bought from a secondary site. The email states that I’m going to be in the 200 level. From the secondary sites I could have also bought one session at a time. I just hope this way I’ll be surrounded by fellow Coogs!

My credit card hasn’t been charged and I haven’t gotten an email confirming I got my tickets. Has anyone got confirmation the got tickets through the school?

The email states we can pick up tickets on Friday 1-3 at the team hotel. I can’t make that. Then at 5 at halftime of the Houston game. Halftime of what at 5 pm?

I’ve received emails tonight that I have tickets in the 100 level

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I think the email was just worded a bit odd… you can pick up your tickets between 5 and halftime of the UH game.

Got my email earlier tonight… card gets charged tomorrow. Looks like we’ll have a good crowd if some of us are in the 200’s.

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for those in the 100’s do you know what section your in? I’m buying in the secondary market and want to make sure I purchase next to the coog section and not the Kentucky section.

The email just said 100s. Last year we didn’t know until we picked up the tickets right before the game.

Actually have 2 extra tickets available if anyone’s interested (section 111 row H) - selling $600/strip (below stubhub)

Stubhub prices falling. Lowest session 1 tickets now less than $80. Full session (Friday & Sunday) can be had for $140. Plus fees of course.

Hi all!

If anyone needs tickets please let me know! I’ve got two tickets for both rounds. Section 231, Row 13, Seats 14, 15. They were not cheap, but I’m willing to let them go for less.

I purchased them off StubHub originally, but the tickets are on an app called Flash Seats.

If you need two tickets, reach out! or 612-358-5370


My first NCAA tournament game so i apologize for the stupid questions, but if you buy tickets to Session 1 which is only for that night, will your seats be the same for both games? It seems odd that all the coog fans who purchased seats behind the bench would be sitting there in red during the UNC game before ours?

Yes. It’s tickets and seats for the session. And yes it is odd.