Tidbits from tonight's event at TDECU

Hunter said we sold 22500 season tickets. He also said 5000 students got tickets today for OU game. He said we raised 22 million for this years budget. I think in the last one. I was juggling two 6 year olds and a 9 month old. The had a pep rally for the students with the band and captains of the football team. Tilman was there made a short speech. Good stuff overall

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Nice. I wonder if we can get another 500-1000 after Saturday.

Students on the UH subreddit were complaining a lot about how the line for the vouchers were handled. Apparently a lot of people were cutting in line and misbehaving, and people who had been standing in line for hours got screwed over as a result. Someone even said that there was supposed to be a concert that athletics wasn’t able to sort out in time.

Hopefully they can learn from this and improve the future Cage Rages.

While I like the publicity of long lines, why couldn’t this be handled by a phone app?

22,500 season tickets sold while in a G5 conference. UH’s potential is huge.

For reference Baylor sold a record 28384 while on their run in a P5. Should UH repeat last years success or get a B12 invite we’ll pass them next year already.

Had an undergrad tell me that the he got a lower level ticket and the person next to him in line got an upper level . Not sure how they were doing things.
Also, the new intro video was sick.
the “fireworks” show lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Hunter said CP raised a record $6.4M this year, and another $16M for facilities. So it was a total of $22M.

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According to UH Football Twitter this is not the case and an email is going to be sent, if not already, about how to get the remaining vouchers.

How could Hunter not be aware of that? Smh.

Likely because they didn’t do a count before his speech.

Were they still handing them out at that time of his speech? No need to count. 5000 was the limit. Either there were some left or there weren’t.

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