Tiger Woods bests Phil Mickelson again


Good for Tiger. No need to tarnish his legacy to get blood money from a tour that is pro-bone saws as well as 911 deniers and conspiracy theory based.


Leave the GOP alone…


I have no problem with the golfers taking the money and think its great for the game with all this extra cash coming in. For Tiger it was smart to turn it down. He is focused on his legacy and wants to get back to form to win a couple more majors.

I never understood the hating on athletes for getting money from a bad country. That is nothing but a positive, taking money away from that country. There are over 100 US companies who do business in Saudi Arabia, should employee of those companies be called out? A lot of those companies are there increasing the wealth of that country. Then of course you would first have to tell our government to stop doing business there, which isn’t happening.


I don’t blame players for taking the money. That said, I love seeing Tiger turn it down.

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He probably can’t get his pain pills in Saudi…

Is the PGA Tour still the best at this point?

Ok to take it from China though, they are saints.

This whole LIV thing is disturbing in that it’s messing up the golf world. I don’t see how a player can be ranked for winning a 3 day tournament rather than a 4 day tournament. It is much harder to hold a lead for 4 days or even overnight. In my opinion the LIV players relinquish their rights to be given world rankings playing in shorter tournaments with less than half of the opponents and no cuts. A PGA tourney starts with about 140 players and after two days cut down to top 70 and ties. An LIV tourney has 48 players for 3 days and no cut. Apples and oranges.

The majors each have their own requirements to make the field. World rankings are part of the requirements. But former winners have exemptions ranging from a few years to life. Some of the LIV members have won the Masters and I guess can return, just as a few returned to the British Open.

As for the whole Saudi thing, I have mixed emotions. I don’t like Saudi Arabia and its whole system, but that is their business, and I don’t care what they do within their own borders. The problem is, they don’t always keep it within their borders. But how is a guy playing golf for Saudi money any different than a guy working in an engineering company to design Saudi refineries, or a manufacturer selling equipment to the Saudi’s, or our president going and asking them to sell us more oil.

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The Kashoggi Murder was in the US. While it was at the Saudi Embassy, it was still in our borders. To allow something like this to occur in DC right under the nose of our government is an embarrassment. A price must be oaid

It was in Turkey actually. Still a brazen hit on a US resident and journalist

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I am not in a role where I have to work with the Saudi government, I do not think I could find a way to compromise myself to do it, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11 were Saudis.

Our government and others have to do business with them, it is walking a knifes edge.

We deal with Saudi Arabia to obtain a product (oil) and conduct other trade as with any other nation, including China. The LIV Tour is an ongoing public relations campaign for KSA. That is all. If the money offered was roughly the same as the PGA, hardly any players would’ve taken it.

Really? I swear it was here. Yes it sucks and someone needs to pay.

I agree someone should pay, it was a horrible crime, it happened in Turkey.

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I agree with this. I think it will be worked out in the long run, but any players crying about losing world ranking when they were told that would happen have nothing to stand on. No problem with them taking the money and playing LIV, just don’t expect the rules to be changed for you as well.

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Yep, they can cry as they count their money. I wish the majors would exclude them, but they wont.

The ranking system needs an overhaul.

No one said they are saints. Only that we should continue to trade with them.

Odd you ***** and moan about China’s internal issues but have no problems with SA’s internal OR external issues.

Saudi Arabia is why your paying high gas prices right now. Not China, not Biden…Saudi Arabia. They are market manipulators to the extreme in the oil industry. They fix prices and do everything they can to run others out should their dominance be challenged…that’s what they were doing when the pandemic started…ramping up oil production and supply in order to make US wells non-profitable. This is now costing everyone in the world and they’re just laughing while the money rolls in.

Eff them. I’ll take China’s solar panels over SA’s oil every day. The more green energy we make and use the less of their **** we have to eat.

When have I supported SA? Lol

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