Tillman Fertitta gets his on line gambling company oked


You can move this to the satellite page but it’s football and bb related since it helps Tillman who helps us.

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Imma use my cougar pride donation on his casino

I’ll say in order to make peace. I won’t blame Tillman if I lose my monies at his casinos on or offline.

We already have a “time-share” at the Golden Nugget Lake Charles. It’s been a nice investment. We go over, get free meals, get a nice room, get to swim free in the big pools, and we get to visit with our money. Sometimes some of our investment money comes back home with us to visit the old homestead. Then after a while with us it gets lonely and wants to go back to its friends. (Kinda like the grandkids.) Most of the time our investment money stays with its brothers and sisters and friends in LC and we just go visit it. That way we can leave without any issues or tears. Except for ours as we leave the garage. But, we know we’ll come back and see them again soon.

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