Tilman and Renu

If they told you the truth, what do you think they honestly think about Holgs & Pez and the state of the Football Program and the Athletic Department?

Men’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball and Track & Field seem to be the only sports that are not horrible right now.

Completely Unacceptable.


I think part of what they’d say is “Watch what 5 years of full Big 12 payouts does for everything.”

I think our original B12 deal was 2 years of 1/2 payouts. I recall talk that with the expansion to 16 it may be only one year — anyone else recollect?

Renu damn sure can’t be happy about this… She understands how important athletic success is to brand recognition… Especially, football.


If you want my honest opinion -

While this season has been a joke, especially losing to Rice and getting shut out by KState, I don’t think this season is really that far from overall expectations by Renu, Tillman or Pez.

Even Pez said in an interview before the season that this was going to be a transition, and that our goal would be making a bowl game.

That being said, I don’t see us trending upwards. Again, that Rice game…. It just defeats any justification for how this season is going. I want to say we lack depth, but again, we lost to Rice and marginally beat UTSA.

I come back to the fact that in the NFL, THIS WEEKEND, there will be a starting QB and WR that were on OUR team last season yet we came nowhere close to winning a G5 Conference with THAT talent. NOT the SEC…the AAC.

It’s the coach…he has the talent.
He just can’t motivate them to dominate as they should.


After Kansas State, I’m inclined to agree.

The only way we are wrong is if we beat Baylor and a few others to end the season.

If you are saying this who is driving the Polly train?

Upwards trend…that’s going to be tough when you got a mediocre dud that can’t recruit for jack squat going forward.

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Agreed…we have some of the most talented wide receivers we’ve had in a while.

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Hopefully they see our recruiting class this year because yes I understand it’s a transition year but with our recruiting it’s not looking any better for the near term.

If they really cared so much something would have been done for other programs such as baseball, softball, and WBB

Lol it’s not the same level as importance as football


Yes Football is the most important but winning in baseball and softball brings prestige also.


Winning 6 games and going to a bowl game this year will not change my opinion on Holgorsen. He still needs to be shown the door, or if possible, reassigned to a different job. 6-6 is the best we can hope for with him as the HC and most years that is going to be a struggle.

He does not motivate the players or the vast majority of the fan base. Keeping him around will only dig the hole deeper as far as recruiting and ticket sales.

If you were Manjack, Golden, Brown, or Jenkins, is there any way you wouldn’t consider the portal after this season? Of course, no guaranty they would stay if a change is made.


i won’t disagree with you because I don’t know what they’d say. however, renu doesn’t seem like the type to throw destiny in with welfare. i just think she’s more control-oriented


I know it’s not the most popular sport on campus (or among fans), but Women’s Soccer did pretty well for our first Big 12 Season (except for the 1-6 loss at home against Texas :confounded:).

We ended the season at 8-8-2, which isn’t too bad, considering that our recruiting isn’t as good as the rest of the conference. For reference, among the “Newcomers”, BYU & UCF tend to recruit better than us in Soccer, as does the rest of the Big 12.

Hopefully that’ll change next season.

Well he had the talent. Those guys are gone now. The people who came after not so good. But I agree with you premise; if he could not win with that prior talent, we don’t stand a chance with these dudes.

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