Tilman called into 610 last night to defend the Applewhite hire

Yeesh. Not a good look.

Coming from the guy that has a pic of Vermin as his avatar.

No, I have a pic of Waka Flocka Flame as my avatar. It just happens to be a pic of him with Herman.

What’s wrong with it?

610 guys were bashing the choice based off erroneous info. Tilman wanted to set the record straight. Tilman gets publicity for himself and UH.

Also shows that Applewhite was the guy that rose to the top of all the choices.

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If one reads the whole article, it’s clear that Tillman likes Kiffin quite a bit but just didn’t offer him the job over Major.

Generally, discussion of candidates that didn’t get the job is bad juju. Let whoever wants to talk about it do so. Further, having a billion dollar booster that’s so thin skinned he can’t not call in when he takes a little heat is probably not good for the program.

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You’re right, Tilman shouldn’t have leaked the details. Could bite us in the butt if we ever do need a new coach as some might stay away because of that. He’s too much into his billion dollar buyer persona where they negotiate the details on the show.

Dont mind him defending us, otherwise, against erroneous reports. He’s invested and the stations will play nice with him instead of shouting down random UH fan. Gives us some credibility in the market.

You’d think TF 1) could afford satellite radio and 2) have more to do on a Friday night than call an am radio station :unamused: :grin:

  1. he listens to local radio bc he knows about marketing and how important it is what the local stations say about us. 2) he considers UH one of his priorities in life, almost like his work. So there’s a reason he’s a billionaire. Instead of doing nothing important with his Friday night(like drinking or watching a movie) , he uses all his time wisely on his priorities, which we are one of. We should be grateful.