Tilman Fertitta ESPN 9.75 interview


Relevant talk starts at 2:30.

Talks about UH hiring a new coach, no negotiations thus far.
Talks about his emotions towards Herman and tu.
Promises to stay an offensive minded team (makes me think hes voting no on Miles).
Talks P5 vs G5 nonsense.

If he likes offense then why not go after Montgomery? At least he has Texas connections.

Montgomery’s another Briles guy that used UH’s telephones to recruit for his new job at Baylor and then escaped Waco just in time to escape getting caught up in the rape scandal. We can do better than that.


Is our goal to have a winning record or challenge for the National Championship? There is a huge difference between offensive minded and pass happy. I want an offense that can light it up for 3 quarters and grind it out in the 4th. I don’t want an offense that has to snap the ball with the clock running and 25 seconds on the play clock in the 4th with the lead because the offense can’t move the ball without a quick pace.


Tilman said that all the reports out there are true as far as who they are talking to. So…I’m assuming that means we have offered Kiffin and the buyout is a problem.

He did say that the buyout will be big and that if someone doesn’t want it, then they’ll move on. Guessing Kiffin is probably out because of that.

He does say that we’ll continue to be an offensive team which makes me think that Riley may be the guy.

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