Tilman had the money to hire him. He has the money to fire him. Who to take over?

We don’t want to hear/read we don’t have the money to fire him. UH never hired Dana. Tilman did. We never had the money to do so. Tilman is in charge of football hires. Tilman needs to correct his own mistake.
Who could replace him?
There is one guy that knows the BIG12
There is one guy that won the BIG12
There is one guy that is currently coaching.
There is one guy that might have something to prove especially in the BIG12.
There is one guy that knows how to recruit.
There is one guy that is a proven winner.
There is one guy that would bring us immediate credibility.
Hire this this one guy:

No just no…

Why not?

Stoops or Coach O are good candidates.

Tillmans net worth has gone from $3B to $8B in the last couple years. Look at Forbes if you don’t believe me. He is loaded. We know Pez is a figure head. This is on Fertitta and Khator to fix. No excuses.


Best buds or not I think TF wants the program to succeed. If that means sending your friend on an extended vacation with a full bank account so be it.


Stoops would be good as a bridge for a younger up-and-comer, maybe to mentor. Otherwise no to Stoops. A big fat no to O.

Bob Stoops???Holy Crack Pipe


Stoops is not a stretch, either it’s a yes or no from him or any other potential candidate

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Should have forced him to bring in a real experienced OC.

Kendall Briles as HC?

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Might as well just go Kendall Briles if you ask me. Young and hungry OC- worked for us before. Supercharge the offense and at least get some exciting offense going again. We’d probably win more in the Big 12 than whatever CDH is doing. He’s my vote.

How much to fire Holgs during the season and replace him with an interim coach?

IF we lose to Sam Houston, it has to happen the next day.

This will be our season, if that happens:

Barely beat G5 UTSA

Demolished by G5 Rice with the worst quarter of UH football in recent history. Coach throws players under the bus

Im penciling in a Loss vs the National Champion Runner-up

Loss to G5 Sam Houston State that played division II last season

THAT is 100% a fireable start to the season. If his players want him gone…these next two games can seal the deal.

Plus it starts our coaching search ASAP…waiting till the end of the season is a huge mistake. The good coaches will already have been talking to schools interested


We need someone that has won everything. Someone that is regarded as a program changer. Bob Stoop is that guy.
Enough of the Ken Briles and others like him. We need someone that has done it. This is what big programs do.

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Stoops to Coach O to Herman to Baby Briles. Definitely going from bad to worst.

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Read a number of 14 mil flying around

Did anyone here not see the total meltdown that occurred in CFB after TCU hired Briles? No one with that name should be associated with any university ever. We are trying to build a better program if Dana gets fired, not make it worse.

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Stoops was never able to win anything of significance after 2000. NO MORE RETREADS!


If we can get Stoops then yes you go with him but I just don’t see it. No offense but I’ve gone to both schools and the feel of how “big” the programs are is different. He coached for years at a top blue blood with 80-90K fans game after game. 10 win season after 10 win season. Top level recruiting was going to happen at a place like that. You don’t have to worry about the stands being full. Maybe he is at a point in his life where he’d do it, but I just don’t see him wanting to come here. Hence KB is my realistic pick. I’m not a Traylor guy but that’s me. Id consider KB and Fritz and maybe some other hot OC that I don’t know about yet.

This reminds me of…
Mr. Vermeil
Remember Mr. Vermeil? How did he do with the Rams?
I am sure Bob Stoop would love the challenge.