Time for a Coaching Change?

Struggling against RGV, really.
They had lost 5 in a row, by combined scores of 49 to 15.
Triple Play.
Our lack of hitting & fundamentals is so typical of our program, and the direction it is going, NOWHERE.
Time to look for a coach who can recruit and develop our program, to match our facilities.
Any body agree ?


Completely agree. Been thinking about this for a while.


I was wondering when this would come up.

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I think it is time. Whitting is great at find raising but not a great head coach.


7 games in is awful early too hit the eject button. That RGV had lost 5 in a row only increased their odds of winning. Why i love baseball so much. Everyone has a chance…not like that P5 FB bs. It’s a marathon…but I feel your pain.


Bottomline 2-5 recd is not good to start the season. You can say it’s early but 1-2 wins can be the difference of playing in a Region #64 or staying home like last year. Whitting has mentioned several times they were basically first team out in Selections for Regions so they were #65. Hope it gets better but not overly confident they are all sudden going to sweep couple weekend series and win 7-8 in row.

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It’s freaking UTRGV? Who in the hell knows who they are, it’s like losing to rice or Tulane in football, time to fire the coach this is ridiculous

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Bad base running, a Cougar tradition like none other.


OK, what the heck! Were bases loaded? Dont you run on contact? Looks like all runners froze on contact with bases loaded? Isnt this baseball 101? Looks like the runner on 2nd was watching the guy on third stall and he didnt know what to do. And then the guy on first im guessing froze watching the two guys in front of him not know what to do.


In response to a coaching change, I think that is a bit ridiculous when looking at TW’s overall accomplishments on and off the field. Should Rice go in to panic mode after an 0-6 start? These next 10 games are important…take 2 of 3 from a so so Texas State, beat rice, and realistically win 4 from arizona/unlv on the road, would put us as 10-9 and on the road to recovery.

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It is not the 7 games this year but the pattern that UH baseball has started slow every year under Whitting and it is a pattern. The offense is abmismal to start the year and there always so many errors and mental mistakes. The teams starts so badly out of the gate that they always are having to fight for their lives to get into the postseason. You would think coach whoud notice this and make changes to the offseason programs but nothing changes. Conference championships are nice but there needs to be higher goals attained by this program.


It is troubling, no doubt.

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I agree that Whitting by now should be able to fix this annually recurring problem. Disappointed that he’s not improved every year.


Last 5 years First 10 games and eventual record:

2015 7-3, finished 43-20

2016 5-5, finished 36-28

2017 7-3, finished 42-21

2018 5-5, finished 38-25

2019 4-6, finished 32-24

2020 team is currently 2-5


No need to press panic. Not ideal but a rally around the mental preparedness and a little bump in positive culture will go a long way. Talent is there. It is leaderships paid job to have it ready to play on every pitch. IMO that’s what’s missing to date. Looking forward to the shift.o I’ll

That’s not how math works.


Back to the triple play…did anyone notice the catcher was even confused and threw a changeup to the pitcher backing up third who then tossed to third for a force out then a force out at second.

Can anyone check my math…is this a 5-2-1-5-4 triple play? Is this the first in the history of baseball?

I can only imagine what the guy at first is doing knowing he was eventually thrown out at 2nd.

Correction, a 5-1-5-6-4 triple play. Very comical.

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How to players freeze on a ground ball. Totally understand a line drive and one that is caught, but a ground ball? Pretty idiotic base running.

A horrible start to this season. Very hard to understand.