TIME names 6 Texas schools to list of best colleges for future leaders


Here’s the actual list, paywall free.

Good to see UH ranked AHEAD of Rice!


Ain’t that something. Ranked ahead of the egghead’s. Where in with some heavy hitter “U’s”. We haven’t arrived but getting there…

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Kinda interesting how West Point and Annapolis are on the list, but NOT the other three service academies.

How can this be, we’re a commuter school.

But if the list was how well universities develop kids to lead D&D campaigns Rice just might get to the top of the list.




I’m guessing Rice would also rank at or near the top for preparing kids to:

a) participate in LARP/cosplay,
b) become a champion at World of Warcraft and Magic:The Gathering, AND
c) run a Star Trek convention!



And quidditch don’t forget quidditch.

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Don’t show that Tech troll “Person”.

He’s not gonna like his school being omitted

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As well as the most number of kids per capita who attend comic-con.

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Ever driven through the Rice campus? Those geniuses don’t even have enough sense to look before they cross the street. Follow those leaders at your own risk!