Time off helped Houston's Damyean Dotson transform his 3-point game

Time off helped Houston’s Damyean Dotson transform his 3-point game
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“He has tremendous desire to be better,” Sampson said. "There are some things he’s better at than others. (But) I’m old-fashioned. I like kids that try hard.

“Dot tries hard every game. If he has a fault, it’s sometimes he tries too hard. But I’d hate to see our team without him right now.”

As much griping as we’ve given the Chron over the years, and rightfully so, JD is pretty awesome. Chron is doing us write (see what I did there?) by him.


Agreed. I’ve really come around on JD since he started on the Chron beat. Dude works his butt off and is extremely professional.

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