Time Out

Coogfans. Please take a time out.

There is too much at stake.

Lets not be the subject of dissension because of one loss to start the season, especially with a vote yet to be determined whether to enter us into the Big 12 or not.

Do you really believe you know more than the UH powers that be?

Do you really believe they are operating in a vacuum?

No, you don’t. If you believe you know more, how arrogant are you?

They know far more than you give them credit.

Let them make the decision.

The most important decision facing UH is the vote to enter us into the BIG12.

A loss to a team we were not expected to beat is irrelevant.


The only thing wrong with your post. This is wholly incorrect.


The outcome of the UH vs TT game with respect to UH’s invitation to join the Big 12 is in fact irrelevant!

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That’s not what he said though.

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Yeah, we were favored. None of this is about one game either.

I agree that this week is much more important though.

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To answer your questions:

  1. Yes
  2. Perhaps
  3. Extremely
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The biting truth is that Dana’s execution on Saturday looked somewhat like his first year and a lot like last year. Even the most middlin’ hires usually have a stretch where they look like they’ve broken through.

Dana’s tenure seems to me to be one, long version of the same thing: come out decent, score some points, lose the halftime adjustment battle, and slowly collapse, looking like a completely different team at the end.

I want him to win but I’m having a hard time suspending my disbelief on recruiting, conditioning, developing, and game management.

The best thing about Saturday was he didn’t make any eye-raising mistakes regarding the clock. So I guess that is improvement. Anyway, I’m through complaining until Saturday night.

Wait! Dana was executed on Saturday?! Wow, I totally missed that!

Its not one game, this is the same caliber of coaching/play we’ve had for 3 years. That’s a big enough sample. You insult our football acumen with your post.

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I mean, if a loss is irrelevant, why are we keeping score or even playing in the first place?

Same ole crap, different season

The line was a single point. We should have won that game.

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Those fans who have been seeing this for years now are correct. I swear, we must have the fanbase with the shortest memories ever. Or are they selective memories? We haven’t beat ANYONE with a pulse.

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Henry, you. coach v, norbert Funkmaster and others here are all correct… People are unhappy because we have been seeing this for 2 and a half years…I am not interested in being a doormat loser in our initial Big 12 seasons…Fans need to actually see some progress…A huge state school with a rich history like us are soon to join the Big 12…I am pretty sure that any number of outstanding coaches would jump at the chance to coach us…We dont have to “settle” for anything…


Goose there is no dissention. Everybody knows full well that our small12 is NUMBER ONE. H.C’s come and go. UH IS ALL OF US.

The more things change the more they stay the same…