Time to Gear Up for the Willie Fritz Era

Starting my usual thread of new merch I’ve found. I do not earn anything from these links, I do this to increase sales of UH merch in general - especially when I find new vendors. I tend to not post stuff from fanatics unless I think it is something notable.

Nike Team Cap

I will be adding stuff over the next couple of months.


I would buy that paw hat if it weren’t a SnapBack


Discontinued cookie stencils for decorating… option 1 or option 2

This is interesting, it is a scavenger hunt adventure challenge for UH.

Good way to kill any interest in the cap by calling it a dad cap. Plus, the UH branding looks like a third grade art project. But cool that you are promoting UH gear. Good job.

I don’t call it a “dad hat” but that is the current name of that style of hat (low profile with curved bill). I’m sure it comes from it being a more popular style for Gen X than for Gen Z. If you shop around, you will find that hat style called a dad hat most everywhere these days. I don’t belive it is pejorative, really. If you go to fanatics and search “dad hat”, you get almost 60 results. Same search on the 47 brand website and you get almost 1600. There is also a style of jeans called “mom jeans” that are popular these days.

As far as the branding, I’m sure some people will like it as taste varies. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of that style but I chose it because it is a newer style and color combo I haven’t seen lately.

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Are you one the the “Two Grads”? I like the gear.

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I wish that our football helmet could look exactly like the 30 oz. Stainless steel tumbler. The shininess and that exact logo would be clean. Or a matte red. It’s too bad that we have so many different logos.

Yeah dad hat is a thing… calling it that increases interest

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I’m glad this thread got started because I couldn’t find the other thread and I have something to get off my chest. I struck the motherload at a thrift store the other day and found a Jordan UH shirt that has the 50/50 club logo on it and it is without a doubt the most comfortable/coolest looking UH shirt that I now own.

But it tore off the band-aid for me that the higher quality Coog gear is only accessible to people able to make higher level contributions than I can and it is frustrating that people who truly want to rep UH can’t have access to good quality gear.




Btw, Dad-hats are the style: round bill, metal button closure and adjustable. 47 brand basically made it their thing and I own many, many 47 Brand hats for my teams. Clean look.


Gen X (Dad Hat):

Gen Z (Big Hat):


Why isn’t that called a 10 gallon hat?

If you don’t contribute, you don’t get the shirt. Just that simple. Stop whining like a little beyotch.

The Game Brand Circle Logo Boonie Hat

Putting Green Mat

For the ladies…

That particular shirt was only available to members of the 50/50 club (I think its $750 now). I don’t believe the shirt itself was any higher quality of a Nike polo you can get now just with different logos. I know Antigua and Cutter & Buck offer a lot of stuff if you want to order online that is only available online (I guess its embroidered on demand or something). You can order those direct but they are also available as vendor direct items from places like fanatics, rally house, etc.

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He’s talking about Jordan polos / gear, not just 50/50 stuff sheesh. Jordan polos should be for sale


See comment above.

Yeah your take is flat wrong. Gear shouldn’t be gate kept with mandatory donations. Every other Jordan school, and you might want to sit down for this, sells Jordan gear to the public.



Furrreal you tell em bro!

I can’t believe Michigan and
UNC are tiddy feeding their whiny azz fans by selling Jordan polos.

That’s what’s wrong with America today. Next thing you know Oklahoma gonna be doing it too. Where’s my upside down American flag emoji.