Time to replace bleachers with seats in lower bowl

Keep the bleachers for the student and band sections.


There should be chair back bleachers on every level and section that does not have chair back seats. If SMU can have that in their stadium know reason we can’t


We are going the big 12. Bleachers are for high school stadiums


I’m sure the university will fully support you paying for the upgrades. I thank you for your support.


Here is great example of a high school stadium.


Packers are cheap. Making people seat on bleachers that pay good money for their tickets

I love my bleacher back seating. All fat people do


My back would appreciate it.

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So we are going from roughly 7 million a year to roughly 35 million a year. Once we pay off all of the back dept. which I am sure there is plenty, let’s investigate:

1; Reducing student fees to support sports
2. Seat backs
3. Schedule close OOC games against teams in LA and TX to reduce travel costs

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Open up the student section that is on the sideline to season ticket holders and move those students to second level end zone


Terrible idea. The students are practically the only ones sitting on that sideline.


I bet it will happen in two years. Wanna bet a beer?

Edit: I’m talking section 132 for example

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Only way it happens is if there is a Big12 rule against having students there.

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I’ll take that caveat and officially bet you that in 2 years section 132 will no longer be a student section. You down?

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Moving the student section or reducing it’s capacity will lead to a huge pushback. Section 132/133 are for the Greeks. 134/135 is fair game. 136 is SOH, 137 is CV3, 138 Bleacher Creatures, 139/140 fair game.

They move anyone out there would be an issue. UT student section is on a sideline.

They should expand the student section. Also, fees are pretty low for athletics. It’s included in student services.

Finally, if they charge for student tickets, ever, then that is an issue and I will clown on UH and yell personally. That’s one thing I’ve been advertising to everyone that’s thinking of coming here or has to apply here. And it is a huge selling point.


Honestly, we should create a list of improvements that could be made to better the fan experience. Might send it and get a few suggestions implemented if we get a loud enough voice (or enough :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:).

Here’s what I got so far:

  • Stadium canopy to cover seats
  • Replace large portion of lower bowl bleachers with professional style seating (except student section)
  • Add escalators to complement stadium stairs
  • replace stadium stairs with ramps
  • Add football operations building
  • LED added to stadium shell (i.e. touchdown cause the outside of the stadium to light up and flash; impractical but it would look cool af)
  • Finish wrapping 2nd level edges in those digital screens.
  • Expand student section allotment
  • Might be controversial but fill the skyline “view” with bleachers, feel like that’s gonna be blocked even more with the football operations building

Anyway, what suggestions would you take out and what suggestions would you put in?


Hopefully in an expanded stadium we can always do 7500 student tickets for free

I’m not really a betting man, but maybe someone else will take you up on a bet.

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Add another jumbotron.
Stadium light flashing sequence after a touchdown. That looks so cool when I see it at other stadiums on tv