Time to shutdown ED OLIVER all day thread

Everyone thinks someone is a hypocrite in some form or fashion.

Quote “haven’t won a conference, conference championship game or ny6 bowl. Coming back to do all that.”

Guess what, things happen in everyday life. There is still the chance to win the conference and ccg. Ny6, not so much.

He could have played against smu, temple too, if the ponies didn’t nick him.

I would be surprised if he went in the top 10. I do not see the body of work nor do I think he has the size. This is not sore grapes, an opinion from a non-nfl scout.

Everyone is a happy camper when things are roses, it is the challenges that will define us. What happened to the band of brothers?

Given the current record and if ED was healthy, would he/should he play tonight? The other dline are out, safety and lb out.

Unicorns and rainbows, let the fun begin.

This ain’t it chief

Yeah its disappointing but Ed’s got to protect his future. Its not worth risking a more severe knee injury at this point for him, and that’s completely fine. The way the NCAA restricts the earning power players have at this level… there’s a reason more and more players are protecting themselves in their final years.

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yea, it sucks

makes great sense for Ed Oliver and wish him all the best but not good for college football.
the NFL is a disease


Let Texas and Ohio State have these 5 stars that play part time and give me a 3 star who is grateful for the opportunity, redshirts for player development, and bleeds scarlet and white for 5 years.

Everyone keeps comparing Ed to the Bosa situation yeah who is Bosa’s backup at 4.5 star U in Columbus? They are just fine. They’re already well entrenched in the P5 club. Our program is fighting for survival and this season so far didn’t help. I’m not trying to be down on Ed it is just different here. We have more on the line than 90% of FBS schools.

I think he is a quitter if he is healthy and quitting before we are out of the championship hunt


I’ve known guys that played at UH that were solid pro prospects who would have played under these circumstances…without even batting an eye.

I assume Oliver has a sizeable insurance policy?

Even so, its a lot of money on the line. And isn’t that the whole purpose of college? To learn how to support yourself and make good decisions. Because that’s what he’s doing.

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And one other thing. Ed’s brother could have told him to go to LSU and live your dream. He didn’t. He felt an abiding love for the school that became his home.

While Ed’s actions seem a bit selfish right now I appreciate his family’s support in guiding him to our community for this short period in his life.

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To answer OP…No!

I’ll just say that there are things the coaches, Blum and especially Dorito (I use that because I can spell it), could have done to minimize Ed’s chances of getting chopped. Move him around is one, and going with a 4-man front is another. Just saying that, from a coaching standpoint, he was kind of left vulnerable.

They should have gone with a 5-2-4 alignment.

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If Lyin’ Tom hadn’t bailed and took staff/recruits he’d have been a monster…instead he got The Apple Dumpling Gang. I thank him and IMO will be a great ambassador for UH

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Man, quit with these threads about Big Ed’s decision. No point to it.

Kid made a decision and he’s entitled to that decision whether you like it or not.