Time to think clearly, it's clearly the coaching

Taking a step back and looking at everything I can say that our problem is coaching and not the players. Here are a couple of things that have crossed my mind.

With the exception of a few players we keep a strong core of the players from 2014 to 2015 (Levine to Herman), and our production and results significantly improved . I’m not going to present a bunch of stats, I think the record and the results speak for themselves.

From 2016 to 2017 again we lose a few players but still kept a strong core but the results have significantly decreased. I know Greg Ward was a huge part but we still have the same RBs, WRs, most of the O-Line, and a good portion of the Defense.

Speaking of the Defense, with the exception of a few plays and being put in a bad position SEVERAL times they have not been flashy but solid. Yesterday they had 2 times they were put up against the goal line because of interceptions and the offense fumbled the ball to end the game. 21…21 points I would contribute to poor offensive plays. 45-21 that is 24 points our defense should be accredited at msot. Taking that into consideration look at everyone else we played and how the Defense has held good enough to win and times have bailed out the offense.

That being said, the coaching on Defense has done it’s part and should not be to blame. Unfortunately the defense is getting beat up because of being on the field too much and that includes 2 of our best players. Then of course there is the mental toll.

Bottom line is that the offense looks extremely inept. We run the same plays and the defense knows exactly where we are going, what we are doing, etc. etc. So that means it comes down to a one on one battle with the defense and it seems like we lose every time. The RBs, QBS, WRs, and especially the O-Line cannot beat who they are matching up against. Don’t know if it is technique, conditioning, or what but more often than not we are losing in the trenches.

To make things worse, there is no adjustments. In 2015 and 2016 we would make adjustments as possible throughout the game and we seemed to always make halftime adjustments. We always seemed to be a second half team from both an adjustment standpoint and conditioning stand point.

We know the OC is a glaring issue because of the calls but what about our WRs not blocking or losing the blocking battle, missing routes. What about the RBs running up the gut when we clearly can’t do it. etc. etc. etc. ETC.

You all know the rest. Bottom line, there is poor coaching on the offensive side and I don’t think it is the players fault. The players are a representative of what they are coached. There is a clear difference over the years and between our offensive and defensive staff.


It’s always a combination of both. The players aren’t being coached properly, but they also aren’t making plays, IE simple drops, dumb penalties, etc. Coaches can’t hold their hands on the field. Sometimes the players just have to make plays in spite of their coaches (IE Greg Ward).

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I think it’s a combination. There were signs last season that the running game wasn’t good and the o-line was terrible. Luckily Ward was able to overcome a lot of shortcomings due to being an elite athlete.

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I am Watching this Browns Texans game. The browns offense reminds me of our offense. Bad

I was hopeful Applewhite would recognize the need to change up the offense a bit knowing Ward was being replaced by a QB that can’t run. I thought it would look similar to what he ran at Rice, the year we lost to them. A true spread offense as opposed to a power spread.

I expected more misdirection and pre-snap motion to offset the defense and keep them guessing. I expected more throws to the TE, more up tempo. None of that happened. We are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by running a power spread offense without a dual threat QB, and a bland playbook that makes defending it easy and predictable. That responsibility and decision making falls squarely on the head coach. Yes, players need to execute, and it’s expected they’ll make mistakes, but it’s obvious they need to be coached up. WR’s not blocking or running proper routes is a good example.

At this point we are stuck with a coaching staff hell bent on running an offense that doesn’t work. I don’t know the extent of Applewhite’s involvement in play-calling but this is the same offense run last year. It’s not Johnson’s. He ran an entirely different spread offense at Utah.

Oh, and it’s wishful thinking that any changes will be made shy of 2 years. Tillman made the call on this one. We had plenty of qualified candidates but the pool was limited to just a handful of misfits. It was Applewhite from the beginning. He will get another year for sure, and if he shows modest improvements he will likely get 3.

One would have thought that after the Sumlin/ Levine fiasco, the administration would have learned not to “go down the hall” for the next head coach of your major athletic program.

CMA does not and did not have a resume of any worth to coach the UH football program.

By the by, we also did that for our AD.

Neither Rhodes or our current AD have the background for hiring major program coaches. Guess I am more disappointed in RK and TF for the hiring of CMA.

When we hired him, I had the same feeling in my gut when we hired Drexler to coach our B.B. program many years back.

Officially off of soapbox !!


I’ll always remember Applewhite saying that we’ll always emphasize running the ball during his media presser when he was hired as OC. "That’s what wins championships. Teams that pass first don’t do any better than win 7 or 8 games a year “…and that’s not what we’re here for.” So this is what we get.

Running between the tackles is Helton-esque. Schools like ours who do not recruit the players to execute this style of offense have to rely on misdirection. The veer is the best example of misdirection for a running team as is the run and shoot for passing. CMA needs to stop his Levine impersonation immediately unless he wants to be scouting or a graduate assistant again.

I’m with you. I honestly thought we would be running the offense that they ran at Rice when they beat us. James Casey was there, you’d think he could share his thoughts and experience. That offense was potent and they won 10 games with players not rated very high at all.


I’ve heard lots of coaches spit out that garbage, and it’s always when their play-calling and offensive game plans are weak.

Newsflash, Coach - running the ball doesn’t win championships; winning games does. You don’t get bonus points for running the ball.

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He’s 4-2 this season so he’s delivering the wins.

He is winning but there are big problems with the offense that will not allow this team to reach its potential. I have said it before and I truly think that we are winning on talent and not coaching and that is on both sides of the ball.

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How is it the offense perform so well for SMU and suck against Tulsa. Its called consistency folks. We need to learn it.


No one is saying there aren’t problems. Every team we face this year is having problems.

This team isn’t perfect so stop acting like we should have a perfect record. This team isn’t going to win a NY6 bowl this year. Get over that. What’s wrong with having a down year after a coaching change?

Let our kids and coaches figure out what’s wrong before we all jump to conclusions. Winning doesn’t help you figure out what’s wrong.

What happened to being ok with having kids with a chip on their shoulder? Does that not apply to our coaches as well?


He’s .500 in conference which doesn’t win championships

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Kids don’t make $1.5 million a year with the possibility of tanking the program

All I know is that under CMA, the buzz surrounding our team is gone. Outside the diehards, nobody cares. Part of that is because the team is mediocre. And part of that is that the team is a reflection of its head coach - bland, boring, and low energy.


Welcome to the ebb and flow of college football.

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Check your facts were 2-1

Were 4-2. how is that considered tanking?