Tip to read Houston Chronicle (or any sites) articles that are behind a paywall

Add the following in front of the http address in your browser bar:


Outline is meant for annotating web pages and reading the content with little distractions, but due to how it works, it’s generally helpful for getting past paywalls. You can also go to the site outline.com and enter the website’s address there.


Sometimes you can copy the url to the incognito or private section of the browser. This particularly works with sites where you are limited to 3 free articles.

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True, although the Chronicle just recently started cracking down on that. That’s how I found out about outline.com

Any tips how to steal other things?

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Don’t get caught.

I will say this about this avenue, the original site still gets a click since the site has to go there and pull the info for you.

Ah, this makes me feel like a genuine hacker.

If you’re using a Mac, its called reader and its next to the url box.

This is not working for me.

Try this one.