To Tucker Carlson from a teacher

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This open letter is from an Iowa Teacher addressed to FOX News host, Tucker Carlson, and is a MUST-READ!

Dear Tucker Carlson,

Hey Tuck, I just finished watching a segment of your show. You know, the one where you suggest that there should be a camera in every classroom in order to root out… let me get this accurate…”civilization ending poison.”

I’m going to zig where you thought most teachers would zag. I welcome your Orwellian cameras in my classroom. Frankly, I don’t know many teachers who would object to having people watch what we do. As a matter of fact, I hate to tell you this Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, but most of us spent the last year having video cameras in our classrooms.

See, I think you believe that your suggestion that people see what happens in our classrooms will somehow scare teachers. The truth of it is that we have been begging for years to have people, such as yourself, come into our classrooms.

I somewhat famously asked Ms. DeVos to visit a public school before she became Secretary of Education (…). It’s unclear whether she has yet to set foot in an actual public school classroom, but I digress.

I sense that you think you’ll see all of us pinko teachers speaking endlessly about Critical Race Theory leading to…
and again, let me get this right, “civilization ending poison.”

I’ve been in a lot of classrooms (more than you I am willing to bet) and think you’re going to be disappointed on that front. What happens in America’s classrooms is teaching and learning.

Your “spy cameras” will see teachers and students working together to be better every day. I’ll tell you what I saw on a tour of classrooms not that long ago.

I saw a group of kindergartners trying to create bridges over running water with basic classroom supplies in a lesson about collaboration. I saw a high school literature class talking about the character development in The Glass Menagerie. I saw a middle school history class participating in group project where they had to solve problems in a fictional city, with specifics of how they would utilize resources and build public support for their projects.

Anyone watching your cameras will see learning…
all day every day. For those who watch your “nanny cams” carefully, they’ll see a lot of other things as well. They will see teachers working with students who have vastly different life experiences.

They will see students who are fluent in multiple languages working with teachers to become proficient in yet one more language. They will see students who are hungry get their one solid meal a day in the cafeteria. They will see students itching for more fine arts, industrial technology, or world languages to be offered in their school. In my classroom, if we’re being honest, they’ll probably hear some sketchy intonation from my saxophones, and I promise we’re working on it. But for sure, they will see learning… all day every day.

To be honest, I’m fascinated by the logistics of your proposal. In a world where school districts are struggling to recruit and maintain teachers, who is going to man your “citizen review boards” (setting aside the fact that public school teachers already answer to publicly elected school boards)?

For instance, in my school district I sense you would need well over 500 cameras going every day. Who watches those 500 screens 10 hours a day (I want you watching my 7 am jazz band and my after school lessons)?

What qualifications would these “experts” need to know what they were watching for? What happens when they catch a teacher teaching… let me get this right… ”civilization ending poison?” Who do they report that to? I’m also curious who will pay for all of this incredible technology.

Maybe I missed it, but can you point me to a K-12 institution where Critical Race Theory is being taught? Hell, can you define Critical Race Theory for all of us? I’m sure you’ve got answers to all of these questions.

Frankly, I’ve never been able to figure out, instead of dreaming up Orwellian plans to have Big Brother in all of our classrooms, why you don’t round up an army of bright young conservatives to actually step up and teach?

Is it because teachers work hard, aren’t paid as much as those with similar educational backgrounds, don’t have support from our elected officials, constantly serve as punching bags for those who don’t understand public education, or is it just because it’s easier to throw rocks at a house than to build one?

Here’s the real deal Tuck, I grew up with my mom making me eat your family’s Salisbury Steaks once every couple of weeks (his family makes Swanson TV dinners) for many years. I struggle to take advice on teaching and learning from a guy who makes a steak that, on its best day, tastes like shoe leather that has been left out in a goat pasture for a few weeks.

I get that Critical Race Theory is your latest attempt to scare your easily manipulated demographic, but let’s just admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

With all of that being said, count me on the cameras Tucky. Like many teachers, I’m in the early stages of understanding Critical Race Theory (most of us hadn’t heard about it until you and your people started crying about it), but if you find me teaching it, have one of the Tucker Youth watching your surveillance devices let me know.

If Critical Race Theory involves talking honestly about American history, I’m probably doing that sometimes. I spent much of the last six years advocating for a way for teaching to become more transparent, and in the dumbest way possible, you are joining that crusade. Let’s make this happen TV Dinner Boy.

Patrick J. Kearney
Actual Teacher

(Copied from Kim Larkin-Floria)


Bingo, at least he admits it. Teaching CRT is real. Mr. Kearny can write an encyclopedia about how much you hate America and you want to change it to your utopian society. Go ahead make our day.

No teaching the bad stuff honestly is how you learn not to do the bad stuff. Historical masturbation, which is what is being promoted by the “anti-CRT” brigade, teaches nothing but feel good fantasy… For the folks is designed to make feel good.


I have never understood how teaching real history equals hating America. This is the greatest country in the world, but it has never been perfect and if learning real history leads us to becoming better so be it. But some people think the peak of this country was the 50s. The average American can’t even explain CRT but it is a conservative boogeyman now. At times it feels like Republicans only real interest in public education is to destroy it and push the use of vouchers to private Christian schools…private Christian schools paid for with tax payer money…and if that doesn’t work…then just home school…they will find a way to funnel money that way too.

So lost.


Any school that received a donation from Jeff Bezos’ ex wife will be getting cameras and microphones in every classroom. Ask me how i know…

Spoiler: there are cameras and microphones already in two of my rooms and 100% going into every classroom. High grade cameras that show the students too… i’ve been told several times that the “old way is never coming back”-my superior.

I personally think this is because they want a scenario where teachers can teach from school in an empty classroom.

Do not confuse teaching history and teaching crt. This is 100% different.
You betcha parents ought to have insight on what is to be taught to their children. I have two young daughters and no I do not want them to be forced fed lies. This is not education. This is brain washing.

I’m a pro-public Education Republican and both sides have pushed policies detrimental to a robust and effective public Ed system in Texas.

The resistance to CRT in public schools is due to a real, not imagined creep of inappropriate material in the classroom. I’m a parent of three public school kids and I’ve seen it first hand. Regarding CRT specifically, our schools have always taught about the slave trade, civil war and civil rights movement. CRT curriculum tries to include the concepts of America’s founding as corrupt and immoral and well as the harmful and incorrect theories of ingrained white supremacy and racial privilege. In K-12, CRT is a political agenda designed to erode the many positive aspects and history of the United Stares.

CRT is a boogeyman for a lot of parents because it’s used as a catch all for inappropriate material in the classroom. Much if it includes age inappropriate sexual material that has crept into our schools. Well intentioned parents (and taxpayers) use CRT to label a range of inappropriate curriculum.

The Right’s push for vouchers is also unworkable. We guaranteed a free public education in Texas in our Constitution since the beginning of the State. Vouchers undercut that mission and there aren’t enough private schools to “fix the public education system”.

Truthfully, we have a good public school system in Texas but we need to focus on core subjects to prepare Texas kids to lead a robust Texas economy. Social engineering from the Left and defunding from the Right are both wrong ways to go.

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