Today is a perfect example of why we will never be invited to the Big 12n

The Coogs have a great offense but think of what it would be if we had the same access to recruits as Tech. Tech has an almost unstoppable offense because of their athletes. UH would be unstoppable on offense too, and how nice would it be to have more 4-star and 5-star players on defense? The ability to recruit depth was clear between the two teams this week. There is a drastic drop off between the UH first and second teams. This is where the Big 12 teams have an advantage in recruiting. UH to often goes from a four-star to a two star at the skills positions in depth. Also, we can’t recruit a secondary because the hard to find elite ones go to “P5” programs.

Tech, TCU, Baylor and the rest will never let us in the Big 12 because they know if those Houston recruits decide to stay in Houston, they have no chance! I mean look at the facilities! UH has to nickel and dime to upgrade our facilities while they are rolling in dough. Gives UH the same access and the giant would awake!

Maybe…maybe not. depends on what the conference looks like in 5-10 years. If Texas is no longer there, those schools will want Houston because that’s their only lifeline into the city.

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In my opinion, this game despite the loss and atrocious pass defense was a great game nevertheless and for a majority of the game we were equal with Tech. Even down by 21, we managed to score and nearly got the ball back to possible y score again. Our defensive scheme where it comes to teams that pass needs to be adjusted but overall we still have a very strong offense and our defense can get better. I like to see applewhite get upset about the D and hope to see some adjustments but we have a bright future with our athletics and we get to get revenge on tech in 2 years. Stay hopeful everyone!


Thanks Mrs. Applewhite!!


Ole Miss held them to 3 TDs and 0 points in the 4th. Thats not unstoppable


Has nothing to do with it. We waxed OU when we were up for consideration. We won’t be invited to the Big 12 for 1 reason: We are in the middle of their prime recruiting zone, UT doesn’t want to risk those recruits


That was my point but I left UT out the list of schools. UT would continue to get great recruits with us in the same conference I think. Us in the Big 12 would really hurt the smaller programs like Tech, TCU, and so on in recruiting. Overall the Big 12 will not let us in due to recruiting. If we had the recruits Tech has our offense would be amazing. Also, we would be able to finally recruit a secondary.

We had a good secondary just a few years ago in CUSA and the American. It can be done, but we have to have coaches on defense that can evaluate talent properly. I have no confidence in the current group at this point.


It was a great game and there were a bunch of 50/50 plays that they seemed to make. We probably don’t play another team with that tandem of receivers until maybe Memphis.

Yes but there are gaps in recruiting. We will have a good secondary and once those players graduate it always takes a few years before we see a good unit again. It would be nice to not have to search for all these diamond in the rough CBs and Safties. If given access to Big 12 recruiting maybe some of those top secondary players will come to UH. Recruiting secondary has to be the hardest objectives because the great ones are limited in number.

True, but they aren’t going to the Big 12 for the most part.

They are still a lot better then the ones we have to pick from :confused:

And this same Ole Miss is down 49-7 at halftime at home.

Makes you wonder what the score would be between Alabama and Arizona

Alabama is absolutely embarrassing Ole Miss.

Texas is probably going to be blown out by Southern California. Maybe we can start a gamethread

This loss has almost nothing to do with talent.

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The Oklahoma schools are the ones who will keep us out. Okieville lives on Texas football players.

Ed Oliver is a once in a generation talent. Lol at thinking that not being in the Big 12 is whats stopping us from getting an entire defense of Ed’s.

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Game changer would be the drinking age. If it can be changed to 18 instead of 21 then we can steal back the Texas talent from filtering to Oklahoma. My friend and I drove up to Stillwater for the uh win in 09. Their beer sucks. We could definitely use that as an advantage.

Today is a perfect example why we should be invited to B12. All offense and no defense conference.