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Words do have consequences in 2022? Say what?!

gosh remember when you got punched in the nose for mouthing off? The days.

How many games will Howard be suspended?
Will Michigan take action?

Go to bball board its already a topic

Attention seeker (clap clap clap clap clap) attention seeker (clap clap clap clap clap). This dude don’t care about solving a damn thing. He can’t let it go that he was removed from the CRT discussion. Sorry dude, look in the mirror homie, you try to disrupt everyones conversation. and NEWS FLASH, we don’t have to agree with you.

No ones trying to cancel you, we don’t even know you. I don’t flag you because I’d rather you just look like a total ass. Also, apparently the mute button does not work. Seriously you are in every thread… plus, you never once even shared your own experience at why you are so damn bitter in the first place? What gives, why are you so angry?

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