Todd gets petty

Mad that Duarte wrote a story about why Romero was suspended.

I’d say both are being petty now that Duarte tweeted it out publicly.


Meh, have no problem with either side. JD did his job and Todd’s sticking up for his guys. This is the business.

Key would be to not get in trouble in the first place or have guys spilling the beans to the local beat reporter.


Whitting needs to understand that Duarte is not the SID.

This reflects poorly on Todd. Hopefully, he comes to his senses. Or Hunter asserts himself and fixes it.


Todd is doubling down on foolish.

What is interesting to me is that there must be some “back scratch” agreement between UH and Duarte / Berman since those two beat writers “break” UH stories about the same time on Twitter. Maybe Duarte broke that agreement somehow (honestly don’t know the article that Whitting thought crossed the line). I am not sure there is true sports journalism anymore since it seems the media and athletic departments are in bed together.

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I have had it with todd ball

It was this one:

Think CTW may also be miffed because JD wasn’t around Friday/Saturday and then appeared on Sunday.

I do agree that this needs to get resolved by the AD and quickly.

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Thanks. I think both sides need to come to their senses unless Whitting can point to any inaccuracies in JD’s story. JD is not the independent journalist he wants everyone to believe and he might have cost himself some of the “inside” information that may go solely to Berman now. And Whitting needs to understand that JD is reporting what happened – with reporters, you have to take the negative stories when warranted as well as the positive stories and recognize the sleazy stuff sells better these days. I have no issue with Whitting cutting JD off but the Twitter block is going too far.

Maybe this will somehow unify the team in a “us vs. the world” mentality and fuel them into the AAC Tourney and beyond. And, who knows, maybe even win a Tuesday game…against Rice…or is that asking for too much?


JD needs to do absolutely nothing other than what he’s doing. He reported something that was newsworthy - which by the way was given to him by someone associated with the program. He’s not a paid employee of UH athletics.

Whitting is embarrassing himself, his team, and his university with this nonsense. If he wants to be mad about the hit to his program’s image, he should be angry at whoever leaked that information to JD.

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I get the feeling Whitting is melting under all of the pressure. If Duarte wrote anything wrong, and I don’t think he did, then Whitting needs to come out with it. Don’t know what happened, but I do know Whitting brought back a star pitcher who has totally disrupted this team two years in a row.
Not only has Whitting brought Romero back but has thrown him out there three times and he has not looked very good in any of the performances.
I agree, this is something that better be resolved quickly are this team will be mud…and Whitting may better be getting his resume polished up.
I love Todd as a fellow Cougar and think highly of him as our baseball coach, but this has gone too far and needs to be addressed…


I don’t think either party is in the wrong here. I think that JD is reporting something newsworthy. That said, he has written very few feature stories on players that reflect positively on the program. Several guys on this team are academic all-conference or better.

I think that Coach Whitting doesn’t want a reputation as a program that will air dirty laundry publicly if an athlete makes a mistake, or even several mistakes. This is all about recruiting.


I would agree with that.

Wish JD had taken the high road. What he did wasn’t wrong, but there’s a reason grades and such are not allowed to be disclosed, these guys are amateurs.

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This didn’t just start with Duarte’s story on Tuesday. The baseball program has taken issue with JD’s coverage of the team and attendance at games (or perceived lack thereof) for years.


JD is an extremely talented writer when he’s motivated and would be a great feature writer for Coog sports.

I think he gets lazy on the beat, though, and I wish the Chronicle would bring in a younger guy to work with JD to do the everyday beat stories. Of course, that would require the Chronicle to have 2 UH guys which will never happen. (Statesman has 4 UT writers…)


We’re about to go to the postseason for the 3rd time in 4 years (something we haven’t done since the early 00s) and have a shot at our 3rd 40+ win season in 4 years (something we haven’t done in longer). You can criticize how CTW handled this situation, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. But CTW has gotten this program to a place it hasn’t been in over a decade, not to mention significant facility improvements.