Todd Orlando

He is a little more grey haired but cooks up a mean defense!

Orlando reminds me a lot of Wade Phillips – fantastic defensive coordinator, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a very good head coach. Just doesn’t have it in him.

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I think the accurate description is they are different ethnicities, not races.

I was not I the room when either of them interviewed, but neither would ever be mistaken for Mr. Personality. Reportedly, CMA was willing to accept the financial penalty if he left for another job and had the Texas high school coaches support. Being a UT Star, he had the pedigree for success. We missed on that one.

They might have been on to something. The drinking buddy gets hired and look at us five years later.

Watched a lot of that game and USF’s defense looked mean and athletic. Bama’s offense couldn’t do much against it. I miss you coach Orlando.

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Give me David Gibbs over Orlando!