Todd Orlando

Anyone else notice Todd Orlando’s USF defense held Alabama to 10 points and under 220 yards total offense halfway through the fourth quarter ?


Yep! Id tske him back in a heartbeat


Him I’d take back, although I suspect he may not be willing to come back. The way I remember it, when Herman left, he was made interim for the bowl game and interviewed for the head job as the frontrunner. Then there was a Major change in direction and Applewhite was named HC.

Kinda get the feeling we pulled the rug out from under him.

Herman a hard no. Forever.


I thought Orlando didnt want to be a head coach or was that Gibbs?

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Orlando doesn’t like to recruit.

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Orlando easily best DC we have had in the past 3 decades.


That was Orlando he interviewed as a courtesy i believe and agreed to fill in as the interim head cowch for the bowl game if a hire wasnt made in time.

Of the Applewhite and Orlando contingency options after Tilman scared of Kifflin…why didn’t we go with Orlando?

At Applewhite’s intro, there was a reporter who questioned whether race played a role as to why Orlando who was clearly the favorite, was suddenly jumped by Applewhite.

Think Tilman replied that the question was offensive.

Edit: This is not accurate

I, uh…is Orlando of a different race than Applewhite?

fwiw, i remember that question being asked after Dana was hired, but not Applewhite.



Both Fertitta and Orlando are Italian Americans?

What was the race issue?

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Major is definitely more pale than Orlando.


Yes…Applewhite is Anglo of Northern European lineage but are you saying UH didn’t want to hire an Italian coach?

Herman was 1/2 italian !

*Once in the doorway to the locker room, Herman stops and greets every player with a hug. And tells each he loves them. “I used to kiss them on the cheek,” Herman said afterward. "**I come from an Italian family.*Sep 5, 2023

Was there seriously…an anti- Italian reporter in Houston…and asked that question to Italian American, Tilman Fertitta???

Who was this reporter?

Dana could be ok if he got a better off coordinator

Sumlin did well with coordinators

@T-Moar is correct , the question was asked at Dana’s intro presser, not at Major’s and not in this context

Will show myself out

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Got it!

I didn’t remember that being asked of Oralando/Applewhite

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You’re right, it was Dana’s hire. Not Appleboy.

And even with the Dana hire, there was nothing that triggered it. It was just some schmo making a statement about more black coaches needing opportunities.

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I think the City of Houston is the most opportunistic city in America when it comes to coaching diversity opportunities.

Right now the Astros, Texans, and Rockets have an African American coach…can’t expect every single coach in Houston to be one…

Alabama’s crap offense made them look good.

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