Tom Brady announces retirement

He finally retires today. Thank you for the memories.


He’s likely gonna help his oldest son with his high school football career now.

Again? I wonder how long it will last this time.

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Straight to the broadcast booth, if that’s what he wants to do. He’ll get paid better than well. Playing football wasn’t needed to make money for a long time because of his apparel line, TV ads, etc.

GOAT, imo , QB by a long shot

If he runs Tony Romo out of the booth, then I’m all for him going into broadcasting.


I’m wondering if he unretired the first time to take his mind off his divorce.

Anyways. I don’t see him going to a booth. He’s very cultured and enjoys golf, Premier league soccer, and traveling.

He can do whatever he wants.

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When he was at NE, he had the best team around him most of the time. When he went to Tampa Bay, he was able to get an all pro team around him again. When Gronk retired, things fell off. I know he is a great, and perhaps the GOAT, but I wonder how things would have been if he were on the Colts team instead of Manning and Manning was on the NE team instead of Brady.

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Or one could also say that since he left NE they have stunk it up as well. Manning, Marino, Montana, Unitas, Graham heck they’re all great but Brady has all the rings and no one ever played at the level he has for so long, especially into their 40’s. two of saddest things I ever seen in sports was watching Joe Willie as a Ram and Johnny U in his last season with Chargers


I was just thinking about this. Who would I least want to hear do color. It would be a tie between these two.