Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference (9.5.16)


Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference (9.5.16)


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Always entertaining and full of strategy-

I thought about the best way to describe our coach.
I can’t think of a better word. He exemplifies the true and noble meaning of it. Time and time again we see coaches, players,actors, politicians that try to sell us kool aid with one hiding purpose in mind. Our coach stands out because he tells it like it is. He is objective and makes no excuses for his mistakes or his team mistakes. When Ed Oliver tells the press that he did not earn to “speak to the media” I don’t think that it is because he is shy or otherwise. He is a reflection of what coach Herman is all about. Be true to yourself and surpass yourself in every play.
Yes, I am biased but I can’t even express how refreshing this is.
Objective is noble by its own definition but how many can live up to it?


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Andre Ward? Relative of #1? :wink:

AAC Teleconference with Coach:


  • Asked about Dunbar: did a great job, not fastest guys, but they work hard at making plays

  • Asked about Louisiana as a recruiting area: Only other state besides TX that UH recruits - Mentions Dunbar, Wilson, Singleton, and Trevon Stewart as positive recruits from Louisiana

  • Asked about Lamar as a program: compliments Woodard as a coach, says he’s known him a long time and he’s done a good job rebuilding the program (only 7th year back). Mentions RB Harrington and DB Jernigan as players to watch

  • Asked about taking it easy against Lamar: says that the team is professional and that the culture won’t allow them to take Lamar easy.

  • Asked about how he felt about the conference going 10-2 this week: Wasn’t aware of how the conference did, but is proud of the conference

  • Asked about if OU win changed the goals for the season: says no, the team is “short-sighted” and only worries about going 1-0 and the goal is to prepare at a championship level and win the game the next Saturday. Long-term is still to win the conference

  • Asked about injuries: Ward is feeling good today and should be ready to go. Catalon sprained his ankle, it swelled up and he wasn’t able to practice, but should be back tomorrow.

  • How does the OU win impact the program and Herman: Gratifying and motivating to know that they’ve set the bar high. Don’t pay attention to projections, rankings, etc

  • Any concerns about players staying focused: No, there’s been plenty of distractions, but this team’s culture keeps everyone in line. Players are mature and business-like.

No, I think he’s related to Gary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: