Tom Herman's new contract

To my knowledge has not been signed…

Has been taken off the table until further notice…

That’s interesting. The only reason we would take it off the table is because we believe he is not leaving.

I love your optimism, but it could also be that we know he is!

Or…it’s sitting on an attorney’s desk in legal. That’s where most contracts spend most of their time.

Are you reporting something you’ve learned? Or speculating?


Pure speculation

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Pure speculation!

Maybe the photocopier is jammed so they can’t print it to sign?

Or perhaps the parties are negotiating over the proposed $10 million buyout? Perhaps one side wanted a higher buyout, and the other side wanted to keep it at $2.5 million? Perhaps the parties will have to reconcile their positions and meet somewhere in the middle? Just sayin’ . . .

What Ghis said…

What about assistant pay?