Tom Seaver - In Memoriam

I had it in my mind that Tom Seaver had died at least a year ago. I guess that was the announcment of his dementia. He apparently had declined quickly. So sad to see someone disappear along the dementia journey. You could see it in his face that he wasn’t here when they had showed pictures of him.

I assume you were a Mets fan Hotel?

Oh my God, Yes!

As a kid and a young teen everything was Tom Terrific. The Franchise.

I remember the day that they traded him. It was a long winded story but involved not being paid Nolan Ryan money.

I was so upset. I called the Mets Front Office myself and renounced being a Mets fan at the tender age of 14.

43 years ago. I remember like it was yesterday.


So, did you come back to the Mets, or was that just a false threat?

Where do you stand with the Yankees?

I don’t make false threats even as a 14 year old. I may have been back to a baseball game once. I did not pay for the tickets.

I am more or less a Yankee fan.

NY Rangers
NY Giants (Yes I know NJ)
Of Course…Cougars first and always.

(I only own Cougar merchandise except for a Yankee hat that I only wear in New England trips because I am a moronic troublemaker)


So you actualy dumped the Mets for good when they traded Seaver and then became a Yankees fan?

RIP Mr. Seaver.
I love Seinfeld. Does that make me a Mets fan? No, absolutely not the Astros defeat was hard to take.
The Keith Hernandez episodes with Ellen are priceless.

It is pretty easy to not be a Mets fan. Terrible ownership for 40 years.

(but they have the best song for singing in the shower)

Oh, I also had an another motivation.

I was sort of bullied by Gil Hodges’ daughter. He was already past but she was a menace of mine in my middle school years. I have grudges and stories.

Back then Baseball managers lived a very middle class life and they had a regular middle class home.

Oh yea, very well aware. Most had to get a job in the off season to make ends meet.

My dad spent I believe 55 years between the Cardinals, Astros, and Pirates. He was with the Cardinals when the Mets came on board into the National League. I didn’t realize until that clip that the Cards were teh Mets first game.

Sorry. No crossing party lines.

You’re either a Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Rangers fan,
You’re a Mets, Jets, Nets, Islanders fan.

The Devils don’t count.

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That is pretty much correct.

White collar - Westchester folks & Bronx

Blue Collar - Long Island and the 4 other Boroughs.

The only people who cross lines are frustrated gamblers. Not due to loyalty, strictly the betting line.

By the way. If you look at the owners. It is old rich -v- new rich for the most part.

Grew up in Dobbs Ferry, in lower Westchester. Constant fighting with other kids (Yankees v Mets), (Giants v. Jets), etc. Man, I miss those days.

Y’all on the east coast are far more passionate sports fans then us sun belt cities. Although I live outside of Houston, I work mainly on the east coast. Cities like Philly, NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago are far more intense then the fair-weather fans of the Sun Belt. We are great fans when we are winning. Happy go lucky, all in and so forth. But as soon as we lose, we forget about it, and move on. If we suck, we do not care and do not watch.

Y’all take it personally when your teams lose and want heads on a platter. You are much more all in whether you win or lose, and your sports team are like part of your families.