Tommy Hermanoid & Tony Orlando No Longer Have

Dawn. They have only Sunset.

And darkness. The Longhorn Goal Posts are tilting over into Lake Travis.


You really just hate to see it.




Haaa I say that all the time and nobody gets it.

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Tom Herman better win big next year to save his job.

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Via You Tube I watched some of Tommy’s press conference after the Baylor loss.

Have to agree with reporters who were there.

He looked broken.

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Is there a next year for CTH?

He may have looked broken, but the guy sure won’t be broke if they can him. UT will pay a ton to rid themselves of him. They deserve what they get. Maybe next year he can get on with Bama as an analyst.


If the stars align to help TX Tech beat The Longhorns on Friday the Internet will be down Friday night due to various 'Horn message boards melting into the Earth


Nah the internet won’t be affected by a ut meltdown. Internet has a self-flush device installed so nobody walks away leaving turds floating around for others to stumble upon.

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If they lose to Tech, ‘It’s Meltdown Time’ will be epic.

A sample from this week’s edition:

‘Tom Herman should keep bashing his head on that helmet. Eventually something good is gonna happen.’