Tomorrow’s Top 25

We should be getting more votes with BYU, Arkansas, Texas and Florida probably moving out of a lot of pollsters too 25s.

Cincinnati is about to be the highest ranked non P5 team of all time (at least since the BCS?). It will be very hard to keep them out of the playoffs. I know if we play them in the CCC game and win they would be out. But we have a bit of a way before we think about that.

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Cincy had some luck on their side with Alabama losing and a few other significant teams losing. That being said, I think Cincy making the playoffs sends a message to the P4 conferences that we can hang.

I am perfectly fine with losing to Cincy in a CCC game as long as they make the playoffs. That being said, we need to win out the season

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Why exactly should we be getting more votes?


Because many in the back end of the 25 lost so we start to move up.closer to being ranked


I mean if we played then absolutely but sometimes teams actually lose votes during bye weeks.

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Cincy’s SOS might haunt them. (Even if they can handle the Phonies)

Absolutely correct. But 4 teams lose from 17-25 so far. So many voters will take them out and we will trickle in on some ballots because we didn’t lose and we were starting to show up on ballots last week.

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We were on two ballots last week(23 & 25) There’s no guarantee we’ll show up on any more.

ut had a pretty competitive loss… that will prob bump them up to 18 or 19


It works both ways. Purdue is certainly going to pick up some votes.

For what its worth I hope you’re right

They were #25 with two losses and now have three. They might get some votes, but there’s no way they remain in the Top 25.

Coaches had us at 39. At least 6 teams that were receiving votes ahead of us lost. So that’s around 30 in the coaches poll going into ECU. Beat ECU and we will be 26- 28 range heading into SMU. Typically this is where we lose our next game.

Beat ECU. !

Rankings will work themselves out we just need to make it to the conference championship game and that would be a huge accomplishment for us moving forward.


Air Force is legit.

Tennessee fan golf ball throwing accuracy is legit too.

Please put logic and math aside and remember that we are talking about The University of Texas at Austin. I’ve seen them lose and move up in the polls. I’ve seen them have a bye week and move up in the polls. The Fox Sports game announcers on TV were already calling UT’s stud runner by his first name alone (“Bijan”) during the broadcast and had annointed him as the putative winner of this year’s Hesiman Trophy. (Yes, he is a terrifc player, but he just about became invisible in the 2nd half.)

I’m not jealous of all this UT-centric fawning and pimping - After all, it’s been going on for decades. And it is just a symptom of the massive amount of PR that UT’s athletic department pumps out to all manner of media for every team that wears baby barf orange. A result of this is there some coaches (well, actually, their assistants) and sports writers who are so conditioned and cajoled into being philo-UT that UT gets votes for, well, being UT.

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Boise at 3-4 and in real danger of finishing with a losing record. Boise picking a really bad time to stop winning. Might effect their potential prospects with the Big 12.

Also Utah looking good again ASU. If ASU loses thats basically a wrap for the PAC.

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I think he was being sarcastic with that comment.

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If Oklahoma, Alabama and Ohio State win out and Georgia’s only loss is in the CCG to Bama, Cincinnati could finish undefeated and ranked #2 and not make the playoffs. Heck they could be ranked # 1 after the Georgia loss to Alabama and not make the playoffs. Or if Michigan runs the table.

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i would love for Cincy to be on a for sure playoff path - and then get knocked out because a loss to us in AAC champ game.

we have secured our invite to the big 12 and p5 - UH individual success most important now - not conference or rooting for p4 for old times sake - and particular to Cincy - the more wins we get against them - anywhere, anyhow - the better - i’m no fan of building them up.