Too Excited to Work!

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve…to excited to focus on work, just anticipating the game tonight. Anyone else with me?

if it was loserville, I would be drinking already. this game will be fun but not the oh my god I am to any to work level…

Is there any other conference game that you are more confident about winning this year? Not me. I’m expecting a beat down…which makes me a little nervous, but still. I’m expecting a beat down. I don’t gamble on the Coogs, but I’m tempted to take UH minus the points.

I haven’t done a lick of work here and I am leaving at 2. I have only been to TDECU once this season and that was for the lightning game that I only say a quarter of in person. Will be great to get back to the stadium.

Wear Red & Be Loud! Go Coogs!

If they’re both undefeated, hopefully, is going to feel like a Super Bowl.

I sure hope it’s a beat down so I can slip out a little early. I’ve got to be at work by 6:00 tomorrow morning and if it’s close, I’ll stay to the bitter end!

I have a freaking rehearsal tonight and can only watch 1st half then rest on tape delay. UGH. Hopefully it’s a laugher for UH by half ala SWT and Coogs are have already won by half.

tick tock tick tock tick tock…

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Yeah, I am clicking around unable to focus. Revenge game is even sweeter. I think we unload on these Yankee tools.

now, I am losing focus…just heard parking may be a nightmare.

Yeah the UH gameday app sent a warning about parking. Parking nightmares’ are not cool. But the fact the app would would warn is pretty cool.

That’s why I’m taking the train to the game!

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