Too many penalties

You can’t have so many penalties on key plays and expect to win.

This team looks very undisciplined at this point.

The refs killed us. They single handedly won the game for BYU


I agree. Tough to beat the 14th ranked team committing 10 penalties.

No, I don’t blame the refs.

The players made too many mistakes and got exposed by the better team.

The refs missed all the holding calls on BYU but happens to call them on us. Also that no call on the PI that led to the short punt … come on.


Yep, I was just about to point that one out. This was a really close game and those calls came at crucial points in the game. The non-pass interference call came when we were only down by three points and driving the ball. That would’ve given us a first down and potentially lead to a score putting us up again. Instead we end up giving them a short field and they scored to go up by 10. That was huge. They also had a non-call when a player was shoved in the back. That led to a score as well. No doubt we shot ourselves in the foot plenty, though. But you can’t dismiss some of the non-calls that went BYU’s way. Other than that, I thought we played a pretty darn good game