TOP 10 Reasons Herman will go to TEXAS

Top 10 reasons Herman goes to UT

  1. Effortless recruiting
  2. Makes winning a national championship easier
  3. More fame and fortune
  4. Austin has Town Lake; Houston has the Ship Channel
  5. So he doesn’t have to face: Memphis; Navy; SMU and UCONN anymore
  6. Because ESPN does not like UH
  7. All his old t-shirts have Longhorn insignia on them (from when he went to school there)
  8. The LSU job is no longer available
  9. The Longhorns want him
  10. His fetish for kissing players will be more acceptable in Austin

CTH was pretty convincing. Never heard so many people who had faith he was going to stay awhile, myself included. Now that the writing is on the wall, I thank him for his service, but kindly ask he get his crap and go.

  1. Kissing players on the cheek will be replaced by kissing powerful alumni elsewhere.

and Charlie Strong was officially fired this morning


False reports! CTH is staying in Houston

False reports! CTH is staying in Houston


Patience is my source

Oh my sweet summer child

The question is this: Who leaked the LSU story?

Herman’s agent according to the LSU AD.