Top 10 UH games during AAC tenure (December 2013 - March 2023)

With the transition to the Big 12, one month away, got me thinking about the best UH AAC games the last 10 years.

Not including AAC conference tournaments.

Here’s my Top 5, whats yours? Wichita St (February 2022) - 2OT Jwan Roberts dunk Memphis (March 2023) - Shead GW

#3.vs Memphis (March 2021) - Mark half court 3pt

#4.vs Cincinnati (February 2018) - beating #5 ranked Cincinnati, leading to NCAA bid

#5.vs Wichita St (January 2018)- beating #7 ranked Shockers, leading to NCAA bid Cincinnati (March 2019) - 16pt win at Cincy. Unreal

#7.vs Cincinnati (January 2023) - Shead hits GW jumper

For those with good memories, any that you’d add?


#5 Cincinnati vs Houston (February 2018)

#7 Wichita St vs Houston (January 2018)

#12 Houston at #20 Cincinnati (March 2019)

Mark GW

Shead GW

Roberts GW dunk in 2OT

Note: Since Mick Cronin left Cincinnati, UH is 9-1 against the Bearcats (conf. tournament wins included).


Any and all games at Fertitta Center for me. I… I don’t wanna remember the old Hofheinz games. :flushed:

I’d add several of the early UConn games to the list as well as our 2nd meeting with Wichita.


I was about to say.

During our first few AAC seasons, didn’t we upset highly ranked UConn teams a couple of times?

We should count those among our top AAC wins.


Regarding notable UCONN wins:

*In 2016, UH won at Connecticut (75-68). That UCONN team made the NCAA tournament as a 9 seed

*In 2019, UH won at Connecticut (71-63). UCONN finished season 16-17 overall. 1st yr under Dan Hurley

*In December 2013, under James Dickey, Houston beat eventual National Champions UCONN (75-71)

UCONN, was very inconsistent in the AAC. Only made NCAA tournament 2 times in 7 years

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It’s that 2013 upset win that sticks out in my mind.

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The 2013 win against UConn was awesome. Another UConn game that was one of my favorite UH games was our win over them in 2015. They weren’t very notable that year but we were not good at all. I believe we entered that game without a win in conference making it our first conference win under Sampson. Crazy to think how far we’ve come since.


The at UConn team still had Boatright, Brimah, Phillip Nolan. Those two games were ones where Hofeinz actually filled up a bit.