Top 100 Recruits

The top 100 recruits will be at the SMU game. A lot of them have P5 offers and some are national prospects. Time for the fan base to quit making excuses and show up. Supposed to be great weather and a ranked opponent. These recruits will see packed stadiums when they visit P5 programs.

Here is an opportunity to stop complaining about the job Holgorsen is doing with recruiting and make an impact.

See you at the game!


Hoping for at least 30K, hopefully more than that


It is critical we have good crowd. If I could make it I would. Those who can BE LOUD and BE PROUD!


I will be there and am bringing 3 extras.


I’m bringing 3 extras as well.


you’re saying we will have the #1 through #100 ranked recruits at the game this weekend?

not trying to be a smartass, serious question as thats how your OP and title reads.


It does read that way

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This game should really be fun. Its a shame our fans don’t enjoy games much these days. This one is a no excuse slugfest. Exciting.

Unfortunately unless the Astros keep playing like they are tonight, the Coogs will be competing with the Astros in the World Series for fan support. We know the hard-core UH fans will be at TDECU but will have to see about the rest with the Astros playing at the same time. I hope for 30,000+ as well