Top 25 poll is out for anyone still interested

Imagine seeing Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Baylor, UCLA and North Carolina ranked but realizing its not a basketball poll.

FBS newcomer James Madison is ranked #25 in the AP Poll

Of course UT is back in the rankings.

Cincinnati is #21 in both polls and the frontrunner for the G5 spot in the NY6

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Illinois at 24.

Who knew?


I knew they couldn’t wait to throw UT in the polls. If they win out, I can almost guarantee you a 2 loss UT will be in the playoff.


I see James Madison is lurking around hoping for a Cincy loss so they can be in the driver’s seat to represent the G5 in the NY6 bowl.

Why is UT back- they beat the last place team in the Big 12?

A thrashing over last place Kansas, in previous years, did not mean you jumped into the top 25.


What was the term you used for them, and other like them in the B1G- bottom feeders, leaches, stealing money?



cant due to fbs transition

Bret Bielema is a good coach that Wisconsin didn’t appreciate.

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Unreal. They lost to unranked tech. Ridiculous. Always getting undeserved rankings.


They’ll have to get a waiver since they aren’t eligible for a bowl or conference championship due to still transitioning from FCS to FBS.

Georgia Southern went 11-1 and App State went 7-5 during their first transition year in the Sin Belt and both got denied waivers. So it’s a longshot for JMU.

Man, who would have thought that beating an unranked Iowa team with an anemic offense at home would get you in the Top 25.

If UH or Memphis played Iowa or Illinois right now I would put my money on the first two.

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I was typing “what a story if JMU ended up the G5 team in the NY6.”
Then remembered JMU is ineligible for bowl and post-season.

Lololol The Big Ten is one of the world’s biggest propaganda machines


Is he at Illinois now?

maybe good coach but sore loser.

Interestingly, having not been ranked since 2011, Illinois just ended the longest streak of any P5 team not being ranked.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

I’m surprised UT didn’t receive any first place votes