Top 25 poll is out

Georgia is still #1 of course.

We’re running right into a buzzsaw on October 21.

Did we get any votes?


Thanks for the chuckle. I needed that.

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They’re gonna turn us into mincemeat, but I don’t actually think they’re a top-4 team. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them lose a couple in conference play.

It will be a moral victory if the game is within 40

Come on. We’re not the horns.

Before the season started Pezman said we only had to win one game this year for success, UT

Very heavy future SEC & B1G top 25.

No 2024 Big 12 teams.

Which is nuts.

SEC and Big10 are tied for last among P5 OOC wins. Also 4th and 5th in road wins. And 4th and 5th in top 50 wins. Tied for last in top 75 wins. And the SEC is dead last in top 100 wins.

The PAC is in first in every category except top 75 wins. Big 12 surprisingly leads that.

When do CU and Utah join?

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My bad. Good adds. And a few on the cusp like KSU and TCU.

Next year.

Yeah, for the Bottom 10. Come to think of it, they might already be on it after that debacle against Rice.

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Chronicle and the local media have it out for us. Not a single vote for the last 2 polls. Ann Richards is probably behind this.

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Strategy for the start of the season is to lull UT into a false sense of security, open up the playbook, (i.e. more plays than run up the middle, left or right) and instead surprise them with the offense we’ve been waiting on for 5 years. Will earn our HC a long-term extension.


I’d grudgingly respect and support Dana if he came out and admitted he’s sucked since he had only his recruits. But we got this propaganda and it was parroted by Yezman. They think we’re stupid and the only way to prove them wrong is to call them out.

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