Top 25 polls are out

UT went up a spot, now #7 and Oklahoma is now #6.

K-State is receiving votes.

Chip Kelly has been quietly turning UCLA around, they’re #24

Meanwhile in the G5 race, Air Force is #19, Tulane is #22/23 and James Madison is #25

UT went up a spot on a gift. At least give us a vote or two lol


Ut got exposed. Ut is done


The polls are a joke. Oh wait, it’s UT. Nevermind.

I doubt they’re complete toast…how many teams can beat Saban at home?

BYU gonna crack the top 25 next week


You predicting a BYU victory over the cows? I am to.

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BYU has looked pretty solid, and UH just exposed the living daylights out of UT pass coverage


I like BYU coach, he’s old school. BYU usually comes to play.

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Ewers might have a tough time as well, not sure if he is okay.

I think Ewers out for the season? There toast burnt black toast, not orange.

All I know is it looked like a motorcycle wreck in person. Every team is gonna have a giant target on UT now.

Would be tough to be the new UT QB with Arch Manning, the fan favorite, waiting in the wings. Controversy in the making there.


Keep Fred

His dad, grandfather and uncles want him to redshirt. Dont expect to see Arch anytime soon.

Dana would do the same if he was here.

He can play the next four games and still redshirt.

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If UT can barely beat us with Ewers, there is no way they deserve to be in the Top 10. Without Ewers, they are very vulnerable.