Top 25 polls are out

I like how Georgia is #1 in every poll except the CFP

Texas is #7, Oklahoma is #16, Ok State is #17 and Kansas is #18

In the G5 race, Tulane is #20 and Fresno is #25.

James Madison is ineligible due to FCS transition period.

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Utah 14
Oklahoma St 17
Kansas 18
Arizona 24

Kansas St 29
West Va 38

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Florida St 4
Louisville 11
UNC 23

Duke 30
SMU 32
NC St 35

We didn’t get votes? Typical media bias.


From our very own.

My bad

He is joking….


We really should be getting some poll votes.:grin:

No worries, I was indeed joking. Laughing is what’s best for everyone.